Review- Is Teachable Free Plan worth it in 2022?

Teachable is one of the major and most popular sites known to course-creating businesses. And it's minimum indeed the fame considering all the benefits it provides to its users. All the plans provided by it have different and advanced features. You can get the set of features you require depending on the plan you choose. 
However, only big enterprises with a good budget can opt for the paid plans but if you are a beginner you might be looking for something that will cost you zero to a minimum for good features. So here in this article, I'll give you an overview of Teachable's free plan and whether is it even worth investing time and effort in.

Is Free Plan worth of Teachable in 2022?

Teachable offers a comprehensive free plan, which is especially useful for beginners who may be seeking a low-cost option with strong features. In this article, I'll offer you an overview of Teachable's free plan and discuss if it is even worthwhile to put time and effort into it.

What Is Teachable?

Is Free Plan worth of Teachable in 2022?

Teachable is an online learning platform that enables users to basically design and market online courses. To get a feel for the website, you can join up for a free trial or pick between a Basic, Professional, or Business plan.

Course designers have complete control over their own professional strategy and the online courses they desire to implement once they join up with their name and email address. You can begin creating a course as soon as you have registered with Teachable. Numerous features can help you achieve this, but they will differ differently based on the package you select.

Plans and Pricing

Teachable is unquestionably among the most expensive course-building platforms when compared to the competition. Teachable is among the priciest platforms and will set you back significantly more than many other options. It does have a pretty fine Free Plan.

Before deciding whether or not to use Teachable, this is one of the factors that are crucial to be aware of. Despite having a free plan, you might wish to upgrade at some point, so you should be comfortable with the price options.

Teachable offers three distinct plans, each with a different price point and set of features. The two most expensive plans do not charge transaction fees, which might make them more valuable financially despite their higher cost.

Teachable's plans include the following:
  • Basic: $39 per month
  • Professional: $119 per month
  • Business: $299 per month

Teachable Free Plan

Teachable has a Free Plan that is sufficient for you to test out this online course platform. Their Free Plan is comparable to a free trial because no credit card is needed to use it.

Teachable's free plan includes the free course builder. This system has been set up to make the process of creating your courses very easy and uncomplicated. You can start producing courses as soon as you register for a Teachable account. Not only are the paid Teachable plans able to offer this option, but the free plan also offers it.

Not only does this assist you in getting started, but it also teaches you how to design courses. This contributes to Teachable's reputation as a beginner-friendly platform by providing clear instructions on how to create your first course.

It is quite user-friendly and offers several straightforward options to assist the author to gain a feel for it. It's a great location for new course creators to start. The Teachable free plan is a fantastic beginning step toward creating a platform for knowledge exchange and income. It allows the creator to quickly create their school and begin earning money.

A wide range of standard features is included with the Teachable free plan, including:
  • You can host as many coaching services and online courses as you'd like.
  • Include models for online classes.
  • One admin-level user will be provided, along with assistance that has won awards, to help you succeed.
  • Create easy assessments to determine a student's progress.
  • No end to the video has been shown to increase student interest and engagement. You can pause, stop, go back, and fast-forward with it. Additionally, it gives students the chance to study or review topics they have already learned.
  • Unlimited products – Teachable allows you to produce as many products as you'd like. Teachable does this by allowing artistic flexibility.
  • Administration of students.
  • The lecturer or course director has immediate access to lecture feedback. You can use this to improve the online course by modifying it or adding to it.
  • The excellent customer support team at Teachable aims to respond to emails within 24 hours.

What is Teachable’s free plan for?

You will be put on the Free plan if you are a new customer and create a new account and school. You can use the amazing features available on the Free plan for as long as you'd like. Before you decide to pay a monthly charge, the free plan is a fantastic method to familiarise yourself with the website.

If you're still putting up your course, you might want to go with the free plan until everything is done and your online course is ready to go live. The majority of the platform's services are accessible without incurring a monthly cost.

Is Teachable’s free Plan worth it?

Teachable is a platform for creating online courses that also offers several free options. Since this plan has no expiration date, you can use it permanently.

Teachable's free plan does have some restrictions, but you can still utilize it to launch your business. The free plan is comprehensive enough that you may still expand your company and begin to turn a profit. Teachable still offers you everything you need to start a profitable course business, even if this plan is free. You have everything you need to get started, including the platform.

Unlimited students, one admin user, unlimited items, course templates, simple quizzes, and email lead capture are all features of the free plan. Order bumps, adjustable pricing, Google Analytics, Sumo, and Segment are also included.

This includes everything you require to start and maintain a successful business selling course. There is no need to ever upgrade to a paid Teachable account if you are content with these advantages.
Even if you are using Teachable's free plan, a portion of your revenue will still be kept by the company. This is how the company continues to profit from customers who use the free plan.

Though Eventually, you might discover that your company requires a stronger strategy to expand to its full potential. This is because a free plan might not be able to provide the additional options or stronger technological infrastructure it requires.

Overall it's definitely a plan that is worth your efforts considering it's free and still manages to make you a profit.


Teachable’s free plan has its own pros and cons mentioned in this article, but the value of the pros outweighs the cons so it is definitely a plan you can consider if you wanna get started with your business with zero or minimum investment. Though you can always look at some other platforms like Thinkific and Podia if Teachable's Free doesn't match your requirements.

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