Thinkific Pricing, Cost, and Review in 2022? How Expensive is Thinkific?

As a course creator, it can be crucial to pick the best online course platform and strategy. Like me, you may have occasionally questioned whether the Platforms like Thinkific, Podia, or Teachable can be the right choice for you if you are a course creator. So I would like to advise you to conduct considerable research before choosing a Platform for the start of your career. So In this Article, I would like to state a point regarding the course creator platform Thinkific.

Pricing, Cost, and Review of Thinkific in 2022

Thinkific is a well-known platform, is the buzz justified? how much it'll cost? This article will provide answers to all of these questions. Let's begin with the basics:


Thinkific: What is it?

A software program for creating courses called Thinkific has about 50,000 instructors. Thinkific assists its clients in creating and promoting their online courses. Entrepreneurs and small businesses may establish their online businesses more quickly and affordably with features like a course and site builder, live classes, a sales tracker, affiliate partner management, and interfaces with programs like Mailchimp, Shopify, and Zoom.

Thinkific Plans, Pricing, and Cost

Thinkific's flexible pricing structure is one factor in its enduring popularity. Given the variety of pricing options, it is perfect for producers at various stages of the course creation process. However, the features and costs of the pricing plans differ significantly. Thinkific has four plans:

The Free plan

When compared to rivals, Thinkific's Free Plan is quite outstanding because it allows you to create three different courses and enroll an unlimited number of students. The fact that you can enroll as many students as you like is quite good. The Thinkific Free Plan is inefficient for getting much done, so if you're serious about growing your online course business, you shouldn't remain with it. Though the free plan can play a significant role as just a Test drive.

This plan allows you to:
  • Create up to three courses.
  • Support an endless number of students.
  • Use exams and polls.
  • Hosting of Content.
  • Obtain immediate access to your money.

The Thinkific Free plan is ideal for you if you're new to online course design and unsure of whether it will work for you if you're just testing the waters to see if you can create a course but don't have much money to spare right now, or if you simply want to see how the online course authoring platform functions.

Basic Plan

The Thinkific Basic plan is the best choice if you want to start selling courses and earning money without having to spend money on a custom domain because it comes with one and enables you to personalize your course website and build credibility with both existing and potential students. This strategy is acknowledged to be the most economical one.

The monthly cost of the Thinkific Basic plan is $49, which is slightly more expensive than the monthly costs of several competing platforms. But annually you can get this plan for just $468.

It gives everything the free plan does plus the following important features:
  • No limit on the number of students or courses enrolment
  • Emailing students is possible
  • Partner reporting
  • Packages and subscriptions
  • Custom domains
  • Integrating email with drip content
  • Manual exports and enrollments of students
  • Arranged classes
  • Zapier causes

This plan is ideal for those who want to design a course without spending a lot of money upfront, for people who want to test out their course concept before committing to a premium plan, and for enterprises who are just getting started with selling online courses.

Pro plan

The Pro plan allows you access to Thinkific's premium features that are advantageous to you as a course author, although costing more than the Basic plan. You get priority support and access to some of Thinkific's most potent features.

The Pro Plan is the ideal option if you're looking for a plan that provides the best value for your money. This plan costs $99 per month but if you choose the annual payment option, this price point choice costs $79 per month instead of $99 per month making it $948 annually.

Beyond what is included in the Basic Plan, it has additional features. These consist of:
  • Courses and students are limitless
  • Two site admin accounts
  • 5 instructors or authors
  • The capacity to alter HTML and CSS
  • Packages and memberships
  • Certificates
  • Options for advanced course pricing
  • Pricing and payment options for subscriptions
  • Secret and private classes
  • Host storyline, Captivate, and more
  • Section I: Community
  • Section for priority support
  • Live instruction using Zoom

The Thinkific's Pro Plan is for you if you want to build a successful online course business, want to set your pricing (for instance, charging a monthly fee or setting up a payment plan), want to create your payment schedule, want to create a large community around your course, have multiple courses, and want full control over the look, branding, and content.

With the Pro plan, Thinkific offers you a feature to buy the Growth Package, an add-on package that includes extra capabilities like bulk email marketing to aid in the promotion of your online course.

Instead of being charged based on the overall number of enrolled students, the Growth Package can be added to the Pro Plan for $50 per month.

This package is made for course creators who want to boost their revenue by increasing sales, who already sell courses on their website and want to expand their selection, who want to sell more courses through sponsored advertising, who want to sell more courses via an affiliate program, who want to add advanced marketing automation tools like Zapier, Brilium Examination, or Active Campaign, or who are switching from another platform because it enables them to bulk import student data using XLSX.

Premium plan

Due to the limitless users and bandwidth included in this subscription, you can quickly scale your online course as more students sign up.
Large-scale organizations can also benefit from using sophisticated tools like the custom CSS editor, which enables you to change your course's style with a higher degree of flexibility.

This Plan costs $499 if you pay monthly but will cost you around $4788 if you paid annually making its monthly cost $399.

Along with everything from the Basic, Pro Plan plus, and Growth Plans, this plan also includes:
  • A committed account manager for you
  • First-class support
  • If you select the Premiere Plan, you can further customize your registration page with a unique domain and branding.

This plan is for entrepreneurs and established companies who want to entrust the development of their online courses to qualified experts and for current Thinkific users who need more sophisticated tools for marketing their courses, there is the Premier Plan.
But keep in mind that this is one of their more expensive options, so it might not be worthwhile for small businesses or people who are just beginning to create online courses.

Plus Plan

Thinkific unveiled a brand-new program named Thinkific Plus that concentrates on supplying the necessary infrastructure to manage more students. This strategy aims at enterprise-level companies and concentrates on quickly expanding courses.

With the help of the premium tool Thinkific Plus, you may create your course precisely how you want it, which will help you establish your brand. Infinite students, courses, and affiliate marketing tools are also offered. You must get in touch with Thinkific's support staff to sign up for this plan.

Everything in the Premier plan is included in this Thinkific price structure, plus additional services like:
  • Three Thinkific Instances
  • Unique branding for courses
  • Ongoing assistance to clients
  • Personalized migration planning
  • An enthusiastic success manager
  • Recaptcha traffic protection on a sandbox website
  • Duplicate courses
  • Robust launch readiness assessment
  • Users of Thinkific Plus receive an Account Manager, have access to a better hosting environment, and have more sophisticated integration and customization possibilities.
  • With the help of this strategy, you can grow your company by concentrating on the correct clientele.

Reviews on Thinkific

Users all around the world have several opinions about the site Thinkific. We get positive reviews about the site but at the same time, the issues faced by people also come to the light making the site have its own set of pros and cons. So here are some pros according to the reviews of the users:

The pros:

  • Amazing account management and support staff with excellent attitudes.
  • No coding is needed to quickly construct a variety of courses.
  • Thinkific has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The cons:

  • Lagging issues.
  • The Pricing is too high.


Thinkific is unquestionably one of the best platforms out there for those who want to create online courses. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, it has all the capabilities you require depending on the Plan you choose. With plans starting at zero dollars and going up to $500, Thinkific got something for everyone.

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