Is Smart DNS proxy best cheapest VPN to watch Sonyliv in 2022

Anyone who values their privacy and safety can use Smart VPN to access geo-restricted video from anywhere in the globe. You can communicate important data over unsecured, public networks when traveling overseas if you need to use a banking app, view your work email, or utilize a Smart VPN.

SmartDNS proxy is the best cheapest VPN to watch sonyliv?

SmartDNS proxy is the best cheapest VPN to watch sonyliv?

To unblock SonyLIV, you could also try utilizing Smart DNS proxies. You can set one up on your smartphone to get around geo-restrictions by following the instructions below.

  • Sign up for a Smart DNS service of your choice. We advise using Unlocator.
  • Verify that SonyLIV is listed among the compatible channels.
  • Install Smart DNS on your smart TV, gaming consoles, router, and operating system.
  • From any location in the world, unblock SonyLIV.

To be clear, a VPN provides a higher level of protection and privacy than Smart DNS proxies. Your traffic isn't encrypted, thus anything can be used to identify you. Additionally, because they lack no-logging regulations, they are free to do whatever they want with your data. Though considering the price it is definitely a good VPN at affordable rates.

What is Smart DNS?

A solution called SmartDNS relies on utilizing your DNS to unblock geographically restricted websites and services. To conceal your real IP address and physical location, it works somewhat similarly to how proxy servers route your internet data through a different server. But just a small portion of your traffic—namely, your DNS requests—is routed through SmartDNS to their servers.

As a result, SmartDNS technology is beneficial if you have to:
  • Watch speed-sensitive geo-blocked content on any internet-capable device, such as online streaming channels.
  • Access websites that are geo-restricted but aren't otherwise barred via a simple virtual IP address (such as the US Netflix library and some other streaming services)
  • Avoid lags, which might cause IP-based security authentication and negatively impact your internet browsing experience.

SmartDNS as a good VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) and smart DNS both have similar functions, allowing users to unblock or access content in various geo-restricted regions. However, smart DNS does not mask or encrypt the user's IP address or any other personal information.

The finest server for viewing geo-blocked content. They are dispersed across the globe to offer users or clients the greatest variety of options available based on their specific demands. The clever DNS server tricks the client's website into believing that the user is accessing it from an eligible region.

When a user visits a website, smart DNS servers alter the user's domain name system settings so that the website believes the user is at the proper location to access its content. The smart DNS function is analogous to the part that converts human addresses, such as the domain name of a website, into I.P addresses that are only understood by computers, such as


  • Anytime clever DNS is utilized, there is very little security and bot checking.
  • No websites are blocked.
  • Faster than ExpressVPN.


  • The user's personal information is not encrypted.
  • Through the server, outside parties can view all activities.
  • Perform a manual setup.

Pricing and Plans:

With a 14-day free trial, SmartDNS Proxy provides 3 plans:-

  1. Monthly Plan that will cost $5.90 per month.
  2. 3 Months Plan will cost you $15.58 with 12% discount.
  3. 12 Months Plan will cost you $48.14 with 32% discount.

SONY LIV streaming with a Smart DNS proxy

Smart VPN is a fantastic alternative for unblocking geographically restricted channels like SONY LIV to watch different TV shows, Live sports etc. Using this technique, all of your traffic is sent through a virtual tunnel and onto the dedicated server. You are completely protected and anonymous since your IP address is changed and all traffic is encrypted. All of your internet actions are hidden from hackers, agencies, and ISPs' prying eyes.

Our regular users can use Smart VPN to access the geo-restricted video from anywhere in the globe, but anyone who values their privacy and safety can also use it. You may communicate sensitive data securely on unsecured public networks while traveling abroad if you need to use a banking app, read your work email, or use airpoSONY LIV, hotels, cafes, libraries, etc. A smart VPN makes this possible. Our app is user-friendly and accessible to all of our frequent users. Join us and use Smart DNS Proxy to safely stream from the greatest services.

How to use Smart DNS Proxy to view SONY LIV

To enjoy SONY LIV broadcasts outside of the US, only a few easy steps need to be taken. The first is registering for a 14-day free trial of Smart DNS Proxy. The next step is configuring your Internet-connected device to use Smart DNS. You can browse your local websites without having your IP address altered if you register it in our database.

Additionally, you can set up your home router so that all of the devices you have connected to it can use Smart DNS Proxy to access geo-restricted channels. Although this process is a little more difficult, you can always get in touch with us for assistance or visit our Knowledge Base to look up pertinent information.

Your Internet speed won't be impacted by the simple and secure solution, and your IP address won't change, allowing you to utilize various devices to access SONY LIV from anywhere in the world.


SmartDNS proxy is a really good option to watch Sony liv considering its various features like its ability to bypass geo-restrictions, smooth streaming experience, safety, speed and especially its pricing where you can get it on a big discount of 32% in a 12 months plan making it one of the Cheapest VPN services out there. Overall is the best safe VPN to get at Cheap Rates.

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