Top 10 Tools to Grow Twitter Audience in 2022

Social media is an effective tool for a company's branding and marketing. Social media Automation is important. It may also be a way of expressing oneself for private purposes. With a character limit of 280, accounts must employ very inventive techniques to expand their platforms. People may retain and comprehend information more quickly when it is presented to them in a smaller format compared to other platforms. There are particular Twitter tools available to help users obtain more followers and accounts to reach a larger audience, which will lead to more interactions, sales, and possibly new customers.

Best 10 Tools to grow twitter audience in 2022

Twitter is a fantastic medium on its own, but you need to take additional steps if you want to maximize your Twitter marketing approach. People constantly strive to involve more and more people in order to achieve notoriety, which aids them in expanding their clientele for their brand or themselves. So, here are the top 10 Twitter follower-growing tools.

1. Owlead


Owlead focuses on the expansion of its user base and number of followers. They put their energy on attracting high-quality, genuine followers who add value to the content posted. Language, gender, geographic areas, and keywords in tweets and biographies are common criteria that Owlead use to obtain these high-quality targets. Plans for their service begin at $19/month after a 10-day trial.

2. Hootsuite


The ability to manage several accounts simultaneously is one of the capabilities that Hootsuite offers. The finest tool for businesses with numerous branches and accounts is this one. Someone who manages both a personal account and a company account may find this useful.

Hootsuite excels at scheduling tweets, identifying the most popular material using UTM codes, and keeping track of mentions when there is a lot of discussion. Plans begin at a monthly cost of $19 and go up to $599 for bigger business customers.

3. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is ideal for small business owners and offers an intuitive dashboard that enables users to keep an eye on up to ten different social media accounts. Their analytics assist businesses of any size in increasing their following by offering features and services like mentions, bulk posting, managing team profiles, and working within the Crowdfire app. Crowdfire is free for the first account, and premium subscriptions begin at $7.48.

4. RecurPost


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GMB listings may all be managed with RecurPost, an all-in-one social media scheduling application. It offers a 14-day free trial so that you may completely test out the product.

You may plan and arrange months' worth of material in advance using its editorial calendar. Additionally, it suggests the ideal time for tweeting on your accounts. RecurPost makes this considerably simpler by assisting you in creating tweet variations using various Twitter quotes. RecurPost can be used to schedule tweets on Twitter.

Additionally, you can use the statistics area to view the top-performing tweets and create more engaging material for your followers. Each report is available for download and can also be used professionally with a white label.

5. Tweepi


Tweepi is a solution designed specifically for Twitter that grows followers based on the app. Tweep assists with follower growth, content generation, and brand positioning strategy. Tweepi's services increase valuable audiences and high-quality followers by utilizing AI. Plans begin at $10.75 per month.

6. Buffer


Buffer concentrates on luring in potential customers rather than reaching out to them. When material is produced, Buffer assists in creating it and planning its release so that more content is released, providing businesses a higher opportunity to be noticed.

Eventually, tweeting more frequently and more frequently can hasten the process of getting new followers. The tactics Buffer employs are the same across all social media channels. Services from Buffer start at $15 per month.

7. Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck, one of the most well-liked Twitter-specific management tools, manages accounts as well as produces content like photographs and videos and sends out tweets and messages to users. The Tweetdeck dashboard is easy to use and provides a comprehensive snapshot of a user's social activities.

8. Twitonomy


Twitonomy is a potent marketing tool for Twitter. Twitonomy assists users in taking actionable insights on engagement with followers in order to develop a loyal audience and expand the account by offering visual analysis of interactions with followers. Services from Twitonomy start at $20 for a month, or $19 per month.

9. Agorapulse


Another all-purpose social media management tool is Agorapulse. This one supports Twitter as well as five other major social media platforms. Its features begin with a dashboard that, especially if you have a staff monitoring your social media accounts, enables you to manage mentions and messages from numerous platforms in effective ways.

The most exciting of them is an automated system that enables topic-based message organization and automatic message assignment to certain team members. Several posts can also be queued up and scheduled for publication at a later time. Even better, you may have some postings queue up repeatedly by using the "Evergreen" option.

10. Hyperfury


With the aid of the Twitter audience growth tool Hypefury, you may increase and monetize your following. You can stay one step ahead of the competition thanks to its useful growth features. Additionally, Hypefury automatically retweets your top tweets. All engagement metrics, including comments and likes, are preserved. More people read tweets that are very interesting and get retweeted.

By automatically adding your website, newsletter, or blog as a call-to-action alongside tweets that perform well, Hypefury enables you to move followers farther into the creator funnel. For instance, you could set the minimum number of likes required for posting these follow-up tweets to be 15.


No matter how big or little your business is, if you use Twitter, you'll need a tool to increase your audience. Your Twitter account will be successful if you use tools like Tweet Scheduler, marketing on Twitter tools, growth tools, and further information and strategies.

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