10 Tips to get more page view on your YouTube videos using Tube buddy in 2022

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10 Tips to get more page views by using Tubebuddy on your YouTube videos in 2022

Here we will be providing you with different types of important tips that will be very useful to you so that you will get to know how to get more page views on your YouTube videos which is very important.

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10 Tips to get more page views on your YouTube videos using tube buddy in 2022

1. Discover what people are searching for:

The best way to find winning topics is to see what people are already searching for on YouTube. You must be a speed reader to reach your goal fast. Tubebuddy’s keyword explorer tool can give you some contention level too. All essential elements for collecting the right topics. one more option for scaling your topic research is to use a tool called keywordtool.io. you simply put in a board keyword and the tool spits out hundreds of keyword ideas that contain your original keywords.

2. Have a clean channel focus

Make sure to have clear management for your channel. This applies to the topics you will focus on with your channel and the kinds of videos that will make up the bulk of your content too. YouTube users are much more likely to subscribe to a channel that has a clear and consistent offering than they are to one that seems to jump from topic to topic without an obvious direction.

3. Jump into the comments

Something that is often undervalued is the impact that engaging directly with your group and video viewers can have. When you engage your viewers there’s more chance that will feel a connection with you, subscribe to your channel and share your videos.

You can even find out what topics your viewers want you to create content on in the comment which gives you a surefire concept to focus on.

Dealing with comments can evolve overwhelming at times, TubeBuddy has a few tools to help such as:
  • Canned responses
  • Comment filters
  • Comment Formatting
  • Comment spotlight

4. Share your YouTube videos on other channels-

Give your new YouTube videos an initial raise after launch by sharing them via your other channel. This could involve your email list and social profiles. The people on this channel are already subscribed to you via one platform or multiple so they’re likely to be attached to your content. This can enhance the watch time for new videos, which in turn can boost its rankings on YouTube and help that video find new viewers (who may subscribe to your channel).

If you want to easily share new videos to your social profiles, TubeBuddy gives you permission to post your videos on Facebook and Twitter in just a few clicks. Click here to learn about the 10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms.

5. Brand your channel

If you want to make a lasting impression on guests of your channel, you need to make it look good. The simple steps are:
  • Add contact info and your other social profiles so visitors can engage with you in their preferred way
  • Fill in the about section of your profile (using keywords where relevant) to help visitors learn about the brand
  • Add a channel trailer- this is a great way of setting viewer assumptions of your channel and introducing them to you
  • Add a channel icon or logo – if you don’t have one there are quite hardly any logo makers you could use.

6. Improve your watch time

YouTube’s main objective is to keep viewers on its platform. So, if you can help them do this, they’re going to reward you (and your videos) the way you do this is by improving your watch time, which is the total time viewer have spent watching your video(s) since they went live. So how do you improve your watch time? some tactics you can use:
  • Match your video's title and thumbnail with your content
  • Keep your titles and slot credits short
  • Give your videos a ‘hook’ to keep viewers watching

7. Use insights from YouTube analytics-

This one should go without saying but it’s essential you regularly check your video analytics to see the health of your channel, what’s performing (and what’s not), growth opportunities, and much more. You can also use the channel health report from tube buddy to quickly get actionable insights on your videos and channel as a whole.

8. Test where you can-

Where possible you should do tests to see if you can better the performance of your videos (and grow your channel). One way of doing this is by A/B testing. This is where you test two forms of the same thing to see what version performs the best. You can test the following:
  • Video titles
  • Video thumbnails
  • Video descriptions
  • Video tags
This will give you incredible insights on what attracts your audience, get the most clicks, views, subscribers, better ranking, etc, and will allow you to do more of what works (and keep improving). Tubebuddy offers a free A/B testing tool that permits you to easily set up tests for your videos.

9. Create a video series

Turning one–time viewers into subscribers can be a challenge at times but one tactic that can help better this is to create a video series (or multiple).

Video series do a few main things:
  • Increase watch and convention time (through viewers watching multiple videos)
  • Increase the chance that viewers will want to come back for the next installment in the series
  • Create an extremely precious resource people can tap into on-demand

10. Utilize YouTube end screens

YouTube gives you permission to add end screens to the last 20 seconds of your videos. There are a few ways you should be utilizing them:
  • Give viewers a reason to wait by talking over the end screen.
  • Keep viewers around by connecting to more of your videos on your end screen.
  • Make it easy for viewers to subscribe by using a subscribe button at the end of your screen.
If you’re looking for an easy way to generate quality end cards, you could consider trying out one of these end card makers. Also, tube buddy makes it easy for you to save end-screen arrangements and use them for future videos. A massive time saver.


Tubebuddy is one of the most popular tools for good reason. It's packed with powerful features that will help you control and grow your YouTube account. It is also incredibly easy to use because everything is integrated into your existing YouTube dashboard.

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