Express VPN vs smart DNS proxy: which of them can be trusted more in 2022?

Both mentioned VPNs are well known in this industry of streaming as well as when it comes to using public wifi. Express VPN, as well as smart domain name system proxy, are best but the main question is between these two which one is the greatest when it comes to rating these two in different categories?

For that let's get into the article further and find out which is the final winner and better to use.

Before the comparison why not have a small description of both the VPN and server.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network is one of the most secure and safest ways to get help in accessing content from abroad. A VPN masks the real IP address of the user and produces a virtual one, for example in us which allows you to use and watch American content.


Express VPN:

Express VPN is a VPN server that is offered by a British Virgin island-registered company. It is a virtual network private service that is offered for home as well as for individual use. This built software is marketed as a privacy and security tool that is used to encrypt the data for the person using it. It is also very useful whenever anybody is using or working on their computer through public wifi.

Working behind it:

Express VPN works as a ‘go-between’ for connecting the user to the internet connection. Whenever the user connects anything on the computer to the internet it will go through the express VPN. It's all encrypted and routed by it.

That's how the data of the user is protected whenever anything on the computer is opened.

Express VPN


  • A good VPN gives you strong anonymity.
  • Provide no log policy.
  • Protects from third-party hackers.
  • Have a very user-friendly environment.
  • Encrypt the internet activities done by the user as well as the connectivity.


  • Requires monthly and annual fees.
  • Slow down the internet connectivity.
  • Takes up a large amount of bandwidth.
  • Is not supported by all devices.

What is a smart DNS?

Smart DNS also has similar properties to a virtual private network, that is, smart DNS also unblocks or gets access to content across different geo-restricted areas, however, this does not hide or encrypt the IP address of the user using it nor does it hides or encrypt the data.


Smart DNS proxy server

Server best for viewing the geo-blocked areas. They are scattered around the world to give the users using it the widest range possible over numerous choices depending on the needs of the user or client.

The smart DNS server tricks the website used by the client to think that the user is using/accessing the website from an eligible region.

Working behind smart DNS proxy:

Smart DNS servers change the user’s domain name system settings so that whenever the user visits a website they think that the user is in the right location/area to access their content. The smart DNS is like the bit that translates the human address like the website domain of google into I.P addresses that are only understandable by computers like

smart DNS proxy


  • Is good for the fast streaming of content.
  • Minimal security and bot checking is done whenever smart DNS is used.
  • No website blocks.
  • Faster than ExpressVPN.


  • No encryption is done on the personal data of the user.
  • Third parties can see all the activity through the server.
  • Have to do a manual setup.

But the main question is between these two well-known services which one is better.

For that let's get into the comparison of these.

The very first and basic difference between these two services is that a Smart DNS proxy server does provide the encryption of the personal data of the client using it whereas an express VPN provides very strong and safe encryption of personal data.


As per the speed connectivity, a smart DNS proxy server has a smaller impact in terms of speed than an express VPN server which has a greater impact when it comes to the speed of the internet connectivity.


In terms of security smart DNS proxy server only gives the user a new and virtual domain name system but does not provide any security over the user's IP addresses as well as for personal data of the user whereas express VPN is specifically famous for its encryption property when it comes to IP addresses or the personal data because of which it can unblock websites more easily than a smart DNS.

Blocking of content:

When it comes to blocking content, a smart DNS proxy server is best when it comes to unblocking geo-blocked content in different areas available but for other websites smart DNS proxy server is not the best choice however Express VPN is best for all types of website content as it can easily block content of most websites.

Coverage for all devices:

Smart DNS proxy servers can be set up on devices that do not support or do not always allow an Express VPN to be installed. But if the user using it has a compatible router. They can install the express VPN client on it and secure any devices they want.


A smart DNS is not exactly user-friendly as it has to be set up manually which takes up time and effort but for express VPN it is very user-friendly as it can be set up very easily without putting in much effort.

After all, these comparisons let's conclude which is the final winner.


After all the mentioned priorities above we can say both the VPN as well as the smart DNS proxy server are good depending on the features the user needs, as they can vary in different aspects.

But for an overall rating between these two Express VPN is most likely to be the winner after all the above comparisons with a greater rating than that of the smart DNS.

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