Nord vpn vs smart DNS proxy - what is best to use in 2022?

A Nord VPN and an intelligent DNS server are some of the best and most well-known servers for watching content not available in the region you live in or are blocked.

Both Nord VPN and smart DNS servers are legal to use that's why some high-profile alternative DNS and VPNs exist. But are DNS better than Nord VPN, to know this we have to get into the article further.

What is a smart DNS proxy?

A smart DNS is a service that combines both a DNS(Domain name system) as well as a proxy server which is known as a smart DNS proxy. A smart DNS proxy server changes the location of the user so they can access content that is not available or is restricted in their region. It just changes the domain name system of the user. Some of the most used smart domain name systems are bright data super proxy server, smart DNS proxy server, etc

Working behind the smart DNS proxy server:

Smart DNS proxy server changes the user's domain name system settings so websites you visit think the user is in the right location to access their content. The DNS is like the bit that translates the human address like the website domain of Microsoft into internet protocols(IP) addresses that the computer can understand like 8.8.88.


  • Faster than nordvpn.
  • Works on devices that don't work with VPN clients.
  • Provides a bit of security while working on public wifi.
  • Is able to defeat some firewalls.


  • Ip address is not hidden.
  • No encryption is available.
  • Have a manual setup
  • Lack of some other VPN features.

Smart DNS proxy server:

Server best for viewing the geo-blocked contents. They are scattered around the world to give the users using them the widest range possible over numerous choices depending on the needs of the user.

Smart DNS proxy server:

smart DNS proxy server

What is a VPN?

A VPN -a virtual private network creates a sense of security and privacy for the user when they are using it for internet surfing, etc. VPNs uses smart tech things like encryption and VPN server. According to anyone in the world, the safest connection would be between two things without having any third thing to listen in. The closest one can get to that level of privacy is with VPNs. eg NORD VPN.


Working behind a VPN server:

A VPN works as a ‘go-between’ for connecting the user to the internet. Whenever the user connects anything on the computer to the internet it will do so through a VPN. It's all encrypted and routed by VPN.


NordVPN is one of the best servers in the market for having peace of mind while surfing the internet using public wifi, offers great speed, the strongest encryption of personal data of the user and an independently audited no-log policy, and a VPN server that has applications for Microsoft's windows, Linux, android, iOS, etc.

Nord VPN:

Nord VPN


  • Hides IP addresses
  • Is very easy to set up
  • Gives encryption to data
  • Is able to defeat all types of blocks and restrictions.


  • Slows down the internet connectivity
  • not supported by all types of devices

Difference between nordvpn and smart DNS:

The most basic and the biggest difference between nordvpn and smart DNS proxy server is that,

The smart DNS proxy server does not hide or encrypt the data or IP address of the user which makes it less powerful when it comes to unblocking the websites whereas a Nord VPN is the opposite in that it hides or encrypts the personal data and the IP address of the user which makes it more powerful when it comes in unblocked or unrestricting the content of the websites.

Nordvpn is a more flexible service than a smart DNS server as it contains basically all the features a DNS has and more.


The smart DNS proxy server does not provide much facility when it comes to security; it may change the domain name system address which tricks the domain anime system lookups. Yet it still leaves the user's IP address in open and personal data unencrypted whereas for nordvpn this is not the case it takes up the user's privacy as it's a very important priority.

It hides the data of the user and keeps it fully and strongly encrypted.


As per the speed connectivity, a smart DNS proxy server has a smaller impact on the speed than a nordvpn server which has more impact on the speed of the internet connectivity.

Bypassing firewalls:

When it comes to bypassing IP address blocks the workplace or a school puts up the smart DNS cannot bypass them whereas nordvpn is capable to do that and more.

Covering all devices:

Smart DNS proxy servers can be set up or used in devices that do not support or do not always allow a Nord VPN to be installed. But if the user has a compatible router. They can install a Nord VPN client on it and secure any devices they want.

A smart DNS proxy server is good to use when the user wants to access geo-blocked content whereas a nordvpn is good to use when the user wants to access only blocked content.


After all the written points and priorities above we can conclude that nordvpn is a better option than a smart domain name system proxy server when it comes to maintaining the privacy of the user.

A smart DNS is useful when the device of the user does not support the Nord VPNs client and when the user is not muchly concerned related to the privacy and security features as well as the internet connection the user is using is not public.

As per the choices between a smart domain name system proxy server provider and the Nord VPN, it is better to choose Nord VPN over a smart domain system proxy server in every aspect that can be the priority of the user using them for the viewing of the blocked content of the visiting website.

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