10 Tips To Grow your Twitter Audience in 2022

It's no surprise that brands use Twitter to interact with their target demographic. 53% of Twitter users are more inclined to be the first to purchase new products.

Growing your Twitter audience accomplishes far more than simply making your brand appear more popular. It makes potential clients more likely to trust your company. It establishes your position in your field. It demonstrates to your clients, prospects, and even your rivals that you are a serious firm.

10 Tips To Grow your Twitter Audience in 2022

Twitter, like most social media sites, is most effective when you have legitimately engaged followers. And we're not talking about a large bot and phony account following. Don't buy followers, seriously. It's a definite method to sabotage any marketing effort.

10 Tips To Grow your Twitter Audience

Fortunately, we've tested and tried a variety of Twitter strategies for increasing Twitter followers, and we've learned what you should do and what you should avoid. So here are 10 tips for you to grow your Twitter Audience

1. Provide useful and relevant content.

People use Twitter to participate in conversations and consume content that interests them. So, if you want to increase your followers, make sure your material is appealing to your audience and gives value - whether that's Tweeting about deals, product tutorials, or current events. 

If you're unsure what that material is, use Twitter Analytics to learn more about what best appeals to your target demographic.

2. Make Time for Participation

Twitter, as previously said, is a chat platform. More than any other site, Twitter's design, and functionality are geared toward conversations. Make time for involvement, whether it's retweeting, liking, or responding to other people's tweets.

If you are not active on Twitter, it is nearly impossible to gain additional followers. We advocate setting out 5-10 minutes each day to interact with your community. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, but take some time to answer comments, thank users for retweets, retweet other people's chats, or reply to other tweets and join in on their conversations.

3. Join Twitter Chats

We believe that Twitter chats are the most enjoyable technique to gain more followers on Twitter. Twitter chats are similar to virtual meetups focused on specific topics. Each Twitter chat will have its own hashtag, and questions will be asked by the host. Then Twitter chat members can post their responses, comment on other participants' responses, and generally discuss the topic.

Many hosts hold their Twitter chats regularly, such as once a week or once a month. We recommend selecting a few Twitter conversations that you enjoy attending regularly so that you can get to know the host and other regular participants. Join the chats according to your interests for example if you like topics like bitcoin then join a trading chat or something so that you can gather true followers for yourself.

If you want to learn how to obtain more Twitter followers from Twitter chats, make sure you follow the other participants and interact with them outside of the Twitter chat period. This is how you develop those lasting relationships.

4. Tweet regularly

This is a no-brainer, but it's worth mentioning. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, where you can get away with posting 1-2 times a day, most tweets only last a few minutes on the timeline, therefore you must increase your frequency to ensure that your message is noticed.

Every day, you should not post more than a certain number of tweets. There appear to be several contradicting studies regarding the proper number. We witnessed anything from a single tweet to 50 tweets each day!

You don't have to tweet 50 times every day, but you should try to tweet at least 10 times per day. It's more convenient to utilize a scheduling tool like MeetEdgar to schedule a few tweets per day, and then use your engagement time to tweet a few more natively. This ensures a healthy balance of substance and consistency. The more frequently you publish, the more likely you are to gain Twitter followers.

5. Launch a follower campaign.

You can boost your growth by launching a followers campaign in addition to acquiring organic followers. Followers campaigns let you promote your account to a specific audience while only paying when someone follows you after viewing your ad.

Consider creating brief campaigns to gain traction or an always-on campaign to generate a steady supply of new followers. Increasing Twitter followers for your brand takes some trial and error, but the results will be worth it in the long run. 

6. Optimizing posting time

The time you post is as crucial as the number of Tweets you send. Examine Twitter analytics to see when your target audience is most active and likely to interact with your Tweets. Is your target audience, for example, a group of busy professionals? They are less likely to engage during working hours. Post in the evenings when they may have more time to interact.

7. When feasible, prioritize visual content.

According to conventional knowledge, Tweets with visual content earn more likes, shares, and Retweets than those without. Brands should make an effort to include visuals in their Tweets. Although there is nothing wrong with only text-based Tweets, graphics are better positioned to halt serial scrollers and encourage people to read your articles.

8. Use hashtags to your advantage.

Consider Twitter hashtags as a means to make your postings more searchable, similar to SEO for your Twitter account. Tweets with hashtags, like photographs, typically garner more engagement than those without. This can be really helpful for social media automation too.
 Adding a few hashtags to any given Tweet is an easy approach to enhance the chances of new followers discovering your account. Furthermore, it merely takes a few seconds and there are numerous hashtags to select from.

9. Use Twitter threads to establish oneself as a valued resource.

Twitter threads, which are popular in business circles, provide a place to break down concepts and experiences within a single Tweet chain.

Consider these blog postings in the form of Tweets. Threads are an innovative approach to making the most of Twitter's 280-word constraint, and they are frequently bursting with discussion. Threads, as opposed to normal questions or educational Tweets, are often denoted by the thread emoji (see below). They can also be identified by the number of Tweets in the thread chain.

10. Improve your profile to get new followers.

Aside from your content and interaction techniques, there are a few minor things you can take to make your Twitter profile more welcoming to new followers. Especially if you are a business owner looking to promote your business, your profile is the first impression of your E-commerce store.

Optimizing your profile consists of three simple points:
  • A neat profile picture.
  • Tags, industry keywords, and location data should be all relevant.
  • A glimpse into your personality and your business.


Growing your Twitter following is not something that happens by luck. To attract new followers, you must organize your content, interact with other users, and optimize your profile. If you've been wondering how to obtain more Twitter followers, start with the tips and steps in this article.

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