Podia Pricing, Cost, and Review in 2022 ? How Expensive is Podia?

Years ago when I was in the same situation as you might be in right now that is when I was looking for a perfect platform to start my online coaching career, I came across several platforms, some were genuinely good while some were barely enough to kickstart my career. At that moment, just like you, I came across one of the most efficient platforms for my business which was Podia. So, In this article, I will state all the information you would need to decide whether Podia is the one for your business or not.

Pricing, Cost, and Review of Podia In 2022

Podia is a well-known platform, is it really worth the fuss? is affordable  This post will provide answers to all of these kinds of queries. Starting with the fundamentals:

Pricing, Cost, and Review of Podia In 2022

What is Podia?

Podia is a single platform that can be used to make and market memberships, virtual coaching services, online courses, and other kinds of digital goods. Podia's pricing model reflects the fact that it is an excellent option for people who want to swiftly and inexpensively offer knowledge products online (such as online courses). The Platform provides several tools to assist you in creating, running, and expanding your membership business.

How Expensive is Podia?

There are three different plans available at Podia. They cost from $39 and $179 a month. Additionally, Podia's annual membership options provide significant savings. If you pay for the entire year in advance, you essentially receive two months free. Before purchasing any paid plans, you can use Podia's 14-day free trial to see if the platform meets your needs.

Podia Plans and Pricing

The current Podia pricing plans are as follows:

Mover Plan

The most cost-effective plan at Podia is called the Mover as it only costs $39 per month and if you get a yearly subscription you’ll save $72 by paying just $396 annually. It has a tonne of features that are ideal for the creative entrepreneur who wants to start online selling courses and other digital goods. Email marketing, digital downloads, and online courses are all supported by the Mover plan.

The platform has a simple layout and is simple to use. Podia offers great customer service and is open every day of the week.

Key features of Podia’s Mover Plan:
  • Host an infinite amount of digital files and courses
  • Resources for creating a unique, branded website
  • Having access to first-rate client service
  • Simple to use platform
  • Affordable 5K email recipients

For small enterprises, solopreneurs, and independent contractors that want to start offering courses but don't currently have a lot of traffic, the mover plan is the perfect option. It also works well for those that are just beginning their digital marketing campaigns and need some time to develop their email lists, social media followings, and other sales-boosting KPIs.

This is a wonderful place to start if you're just getting started. The moving plan provides all of the necessary resources to begin selling online.

Shaker Plan

This plan going to cost $79 per month or $65.20 per month if billed annually.
For a company or creative entrepreneur who needs a little more personalization in their web presence, the Podia Shaker plan is a great option. It offers a huge number of features that are intended to support the beginning of a course creation enterprise.

There is no limit on the number of webinars, digital goods, or courses that can be taken under the Podia Shaker plan. With this package, there are no transaction costs, and users can build membership websites to accept recurring payments.

This plan differs from others in that it enables you to start an affiliate marketing campaign to advertise your courses. Additionally, you can sell coaching services with this bundle and remove all Podia branding from your website. The Podia Shaker plan offers the user tools for affiliate marketing and effortlessly interacts with Zoom as well.

Key features of the Shaker Plan in addition to the features provided by the Mover Plan:
  • Many coaching goods
  • Many webinars
  • Affiliates
  • Product packages.
  • Courses' diplomas.
  • Integrated checkout.
  • 15,000 email subscribers each month.
  • Zapier procedures.
  • Take off the Podia logo.
  • Lack of Priority support.
  • No two onboarding calls.
  • There is no monthly creator call.
  • No external code
  • Content marketing
For small enterprises or creative entrepreneurs looking to advance their creative efforts, the Podia Shaker plan is a great option. The entire blog can be hosted by the Podia Shaker plan, which also seamlessly integrates with Zoom and hosts webinars and membership schemes. With a user-friendly interface and adaptable tools, this plan also provides the user with the means to start and enjoy success.

Earthquaker plan

This plan going to cost $199 per month or $166 per month if billed annually.
For course designers and instructors, the Podia Earthquaker plan is the most comprehensive option.
The number of courses, digital goods, webinars, membership websites, and the ability to collect one-time and recurring fees are all unlimited under this package.

A dedicated account manager, a white-labeled website where they can add their branding, and access to the monthly group creator calls are all included in the Podia Earthquaker plan. The resources available in this Podia plan to create, customize, and support the creator are astonishing.

Key Features of Earthquaker Plan in addition to those of Shaker Plan:
  • No transaction costs.
  • There were five more teammates overall.
  • Access to offer courses, webinars, digital goods, and coaching services.
  • Numerous courses, webinars, digital goods, and coaching services are available.
  • 50k monthly email recipients for course awards to celebrate achievement and inspire Learners to keep learning.
  • Branding for Podia is gone.
  • Account manager assigned specifically to help and support the user.

Businesses that want to scale quickly, businesses with multiple locations or employees, businesses that are just getting started but don't yet have the budget for a Podia Enterprise plan, and entrepreneurs who want to add more value to their business by offering.

Podia as an additional service, entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business and want to take their marketing strategy to the next level, and solopreneurs or small businesses are all ideal candidates for the Earthquaker plan. It is intended for people who have previously established their Podia site and want to advance it.

Reviews on Podia

Regarding the website Podia, users from around the world have a variety of viewpoints. Positive comments about the website are received, but at the same time, problems that users are having are revealed, giving the website its unique combination of benefits and drawbacks. Following are some benefits based on user reviews:


  • Transaction fees of 0%
  • Countless Courses.
  • Free, endless digital downloads.
  • Free, endless digital downloads.
  • Product Pages Before Launch.
  • Email Content Drip.
  • Customer Monitoring.
  • A page that encourages checkout.
  • Offers solutions for data export.
  • Plan for Payment Protection.
  • Offers a unique domain so that your website can sell products.


  • There are restrictions in the basic plan.
  • Customer service is not very dependable.


Podia is considered a top-notch platform for developing courses. The platform provides a variety of resources, tools, and supports to help the user. Podia also offers exceptional customer support that is accessible seven days a week.
So, to sum up, I can say that Podia is an excellent place for businesses to start when launching a membership site. I think that Podia is priced favorably compared to other SaaS systems on the market given its customizable features and its pricing.

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