10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promoting your Books and Courses

If you want to take your business to the next step, you would be working on digital marketing tactics. If it's so, you must have figured out that 50% of customers are attracted to your products by the Pay-Per-Click strategy. Therefore, investing some amount in running ads and launching campaigns are a few of the best ideas you would do to upgrade your company.
There are so many Pay-Per-Click platforms available where you can run Ads and get customers. However, putting all your money on every platform isn't a good strategy. So, I'm here to give you some top platforms to enact and launch Ads so that you can choose any based on your budget.

10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms

10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

Here are the 10 best digital advertising platforms you can use in 2022 to promote your books, courses, and services online.

1. Bing Ads

Bing is one of the branches of Microsoft. Though it has a quite smaller user database, it's easy to afford Bing for your budget compared to Google Ads. Launching Ads on Bing brings you a larger audience because 36% of online shopping is done on Bing by the users.

Moreover, unlike Google, it has less competition for keywords by companies, therefore, Bing is a golden opportunity to launch Ads. 

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                         10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

2. Google Ads

Google Ads (former name was Google AdWords) is the Lord of platforms for paid ads. With Google Ads, your content or product will land at the top of the search results and brings you lots of audience to your site. Additionally, Google Display Network can be used to boost the effects of your ads for better results. Your goals are reached faster with Google Ads. 

Here, the bidding for keyword occurs. When your keyword is selected, it would appear at the top of the search results.

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                     10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms

3. Instagram Ads

Instagram has billions of users, so it's the best place to launch Ads with no second thought. Instagram Ads work akin to Facebook Ads. You can also build a partnership with popular influencers or celebrities to promote your business. With Instagram Ads, you can target your specific customers with no effort. Moreover, the usage of interesting videos and images would attract new viewers with no difficulty.
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                                 10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

4. Facebook Ads

Facebook is a wonderful platform with daily millions of active users. There're a lot of firms like small to large scale businesses that put their money into Facebook Ads to bring customers from all over the world. Additionally, Facebook Ads are easy to operate. You can also participate in the keyword auction either automatically or manually. Moreover, you can target your desired audience based on the age, location, and career of the users. Facebook might not be a big search engine, but still, it has the power to boost your business incredibly.
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                                     10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

5. Amazon Ads

If you want to promote your store or promote your brand products, Amazon is a wonderful platform. We all know that Amazon is the best selling online platform. And with Amazon Ads, you'll be able not to bring your products on top of the search results, but also brings your ads to third-person sight.
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                                 10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

6. YouTube Ads

We usually spend hours and hours on YouTube watching videos. So, no doubt that YouTube can play a major role in building your firm. Therefore, investing a part of your money in YouTube Ads isn't a bad idea at all. YouTube Ads can be easily managed using Google Ads. The higher-performing ability of video Ads on YouTube is no match to any video advertisement. You can choose and manipulate your target audience with various aspects like video content, channel type, and keyword.
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                                 10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

7. Pinterest Ads

Your ad links can be easily clicked by Pinterest users because of the user's curiosity about exploring new insights and ideas. On Pinterest, your Ad link is blended into the texts and images. It also has a framework and analytics to check your progress.
Learn - Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Beginner To Advanced 2022

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 `                            10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

8. Twitter Ads

There's no doubt that Twitter has many young users and also businesses to develop a B2B network. Mostly, the Ads are in text format, however, they can also be launched in video formats too in certain cases. You can also promote your products with other accounts by giving the link of your products that brings the viewer to your site or account.
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                             10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

9. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the best professional area to build a B2B or B2C business. Your Ads appear on the right side of the newsfeed with more visibility among the videos too. It can also be displayed in emails that are sponsored and even in posts. Recruiting Ads can also be launched to find the best candidate.
To learn more about LinkedIn Ads enrol on this course - LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn Lead Generation | LinkedIn Marketing

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                             10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion

10. Reddit Ads

Interested to take your business to an international level? Then I would end with Reddit Ads. Just like Google, Reddit is the most popular site in America. Choose your target using subreddits. Before launching Ads, it's recommended to create organic content for better performance. 

With quality content and appropriate Ads, you'll reach your goal and achieve better on the Reddit platform.  Interested to go international level? Radhe this course without fail - Reddit Marketing: Get Traffic And Sell Products On Reddit.

Link to the course - https://www.udemy.com/course/reddit-marketing-get-traffic-and-sell-products/

                                 10 Best Digital Advertising Platforms of 2022 for Promotion


In a nutshell, Ads are the best idea for marketing your products and services. With these Advertising platforms, you can take control and advantage of your business. All you need to do is to research all the given ways and choose what suits you and your budget and uplift your business to the maximum level.

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