10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting in 2022

Art has always amazed man. From time immemorial, art has been adored by the human generations. Art has many forms and types and painting is one of them. In fact, painting is one of the earliest forms of art. Paintings carved on stones are examples of earliest art forms. Now-a-days, painting too has evolved manifold. For instance, oil painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and so on are types of painting.

Are you into painting or want to develop this fascinating skill? Watercolor painting can be learnt very easily with a deep understanding of how to use colors and brushes while painting by the help of various online platforms which are accessible to everyone having a device with internet connection.

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting in 2022

Let’s have a look at the 10 best courses to learn watercolor painting.

1. The Watercolor Workshop at Udemy

Are you a beginner searching for an online course to learn watercolor painting or an intermediate wanting to upgrade your painting skills? If you are looking for the same then congratulate yourself because you have came to the best place. The Watercolor Workshop is an online watercolor painting course offered by Udemy to all the painting enthusiasts living round the globe. The course enables its users to learn the essential tricks of wet on dry, dry on wet, wet on wet using various tools like brushes, sponges, etc. Everything is explained in detail from basic level and then gradually it moves to higher level.

Check out the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-watercolor-workshop/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

2. Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting at Udemy

This amazing course is developed to enhance the knowledge of colors and how to use them to create the desired impact on the painting. It includes several tips and tricks to apply and use the tools used in painting. Whether you are a beginner or an artist this course will enhance your skills to next level so that you can become skilled in your art. Hence, you should definitely try this one out to widen your knowledge of the medium in a much better way.

Check out the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/foundations-for-mastering-watercolor-painting/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

3. The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting at Udemy

The proper use of watercolors is also a skill to learn. As the name of the course suggests, it will make you familiar with all the mechanics of painting using watercolor. The students will get to know the necessary techniques which they can apply to their paintings while using watercolors. This course discusses about the techniques to use the paint brush and the process of dilution of colors while painting. This course can be opted by anyone who wishes to learn the crucial steps of handling various painting tools and the mixing of colors.

Check out the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-mechanics-of-watercolor-painting/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

4. Beginner Watercolor Step By Step Art for Beginner Painters at Udemy

This fully online course on udemy is designed for neophytes who want to develop their creative side by learning watercolor painting. It offers a wide variety of experiments using watercolors. For instance, colored glass shadow, texture of foil and much more is included in this beginner level course. It consists of almost 4 hours highly elaborated videos with some reading attachments along with the videos. Beginners should take a look at this course to learn the whole process step by step in a cohesive manner.

Reach out the course by clicking on the link: https://www.udemy.com/course/beginner-watercolor-step-by-step-multi-genre-tutorial/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

5. Watercolor Painting For Beginners| By Award Winning Artist at Udemy

This is a very basic level course which consists of fundamental tips to paint using watercolors. It deals with primary but the essential things like the quantity of water added in colors, tips to use light and dark colors, knowledge of using the painting brush correctly and the list continues covering all the basic but significant tools for watercolor painting. The course is fully online and consists of almost 4.5 hours elaborated videos with some reading material.

Find the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/watercolor-painting-for-beginners-by-award-winning-artist/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

6. Art for Beginners: Drawing and Watercolor Painting Animals at Udemy

Are you an art lover who has no knowledge of how to use watercolors in painting but have a keen interest in learning the techniques used in watercolor paintings? If this is true then this course at udemy will surely help you in developing your painting skills from level zero. It is very easy to grasp and apply course consisting of 3.5 hours videos. You will get to learn how to draw and then how to paint any painting and also how to make a significant outline.

Check out the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/art-for-kids-how-to-draw-and-watercolor-paint-step-by-step/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

7. Watercolor Painting For Intermediates| Techniques and Effects on Udemy

This course is for those painting lovers who already know some fundamentals of watercolor painting. This is an intermediate level course to take your watercolor painting skills to another level. You will get to know how to apply wet on wet, and wet on dry paints while painting. The duration of the whole course is about 3.5 hours along with some reading attachments. Purchase once to get the lifetime access to the course.

Click on the link to reach out the course: https://www.udemy.com/course/watercolor-painting-next-level-techniques-effects/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

8. Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals – Studio Basics at Udemy

As the name suggests, this course enables its students to learn all the crucial tricks to paint realistic watercolor and botanicals. This course can be taken up by anyone who wants to know the studio basics. The duration of the course is of 3 hours and is packed with practical experiments so that the learners can take full advantage of the course.

Click on the link to find the course: https://www.udemy.com/course/paint-realistic-watercolor-and-botanicals-studio-basics/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

9. Watercolor Painting Flowers by Award Winning Artist at Udemy

This fully online course enables its purchasers to develop the necessary skills and to learn the techniques to paint flowers, plants, etc. using watercolors. It includes practice sessions for the students as well. The course contains about 7 hours videos along with some reading attachments and articles. The learners only have to purchase it once for lifetime access and also certificate will also be provided to the students when they will finish their course.

Click on the link to check out the course: https://www.udemy.com/course/watercolor-painting-flowers-by-award-winning-artist/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting

10. Watercolor Painting Landscapes at Udemy

Do you want to paint beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes using watercolors but are unable to paint something worth-watching yet? Don’t worry, here is a course to help you learn all the significant skills vital for painting a beautiful landscape. This course enables its learners to learn the essential techniques to make eye-catching paintings. By opting this course you will be able to know how to paint all the weather scenes, trees, sky, and much more.

Click on the link to check out the course: https://www.udemy.com/course/watercolor-painting-landscapes-for-beginners/

10 Best Courses to Learn Watercolor Painting


Art always fascinates man; therefore, it always remains in demand. Thus, keeping in mind the need to learn and develop this wonderful art of painting by watercolors, given above are the courses that can prove to be a great help in your learning to paint using watercolors journey.

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