Top 10 UI Design Online Courses for Beginners to Learn in 2022

 User interface (UI) design, also known as user interface engineering, is the process of creating user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers, household appliances, mobile phones, and other electronic devices, with the goal of increasing usability and improving the user experience. UI is a combination of psychology, design, and technology. It's the highly effective art of developing visually appealing, highly intuitive user interfaces. So, if you want to learn this skill, you've come to the perfect place. Aside from that, you may learn about python and check out the mentioned website to understand more about it - Top 10 Courses To Learn Python

Here are some of the top courses for learning UI design and honing your abilities.

Top 10 UI Design Courses

1.User Interface Design Specialization

You'll discover industry-standard concepts and methods for creating excellent user interfaces in this Specialization (UIs). You will be fluent in the user research, prototyping, and assessment approaches required for building intuitive interfaces that support good user experiences after completing this Specialization.

The concepts and techniques covered will be:

  • Structured approaches for understanding your user base and their needs (e.g. contextual inquiry and design psychology)
  • Commonly used prototyping and design methods (e.g. low-fidelity and paper prototyping), 
  • Robust techniques for evaluating your design choices are among the concepts and techniques covered (e.g. heuristic evaluation and user studies).

Top 10 UI Design Courses

2.UI/UX Design Patterns - by University UX Instructor

In this course, you'll learn about user interface design patterns and UI components in depth, as well as how to develop these patterns using the figma design tool.

Things you'll discover-

  • User interface design.
  • Design patterns for user interfaces
  • User interface design best practises

Top 10 UI Design Courses

3.Introduction to UI Design:

You will learn about the crucial role of user interface design in this course. You'll also discover industry-standard approaches for approaching user interface design, as well as essential theories and frameworks that underpin the design of most modern interfaces.
We will demonstrate the benefits of good design through a series of case studies on commercial systems, many of which you are likely to use on a regular basis. We'll also show how faulty design can have significant financial consequences (in user experience, money, and even human lives).


  • Designing a User Interface (UI Design)
  • Theoretical Design
  • User-Interface Design

Top 10 UI Design Courses

4. UI / UX Design Specialization-

The UI/UX Design Specialization takes a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design, providing practical, skill-based training that is concentrated on visual communications rather than marketing or programming alone. From user research to establishing a project's strategy, scope, and information architecture, to generating sitemaps and wireframes, this four-course sequence will outline and demonstrate all steps of the UI/UX development process. You'll learn how to apply current UX design best practises and conventions to develop effective and compelling screen-based experiences for websites or apps.


5.Google UX Design Professional Certificate

Designers of user experience (UX) concentrate on how users interact with things such as websites, applications, and physical objects. They make those commonplace exchanges more helpful, pleasurable, and accessible.

Gain in-demand skills that will prepare you for an entry-level career over the course of seven courses. You can complete the certificate in fewer than 6 months if you work less than 10 hours each week.


  • The steps in the design process are as follows: Empathize with users, pinpoint pain points, brainstorm solutions, create wireframes and prototypes, and test and iterate your concepts.
  • Learn how to develop research initiatives, conduct interviews and usability testing, and synthesise research findings.
  • As a starting point, consider user-centered design, accessibility, and equity-focused design.
  • Build a professional user experience portfolio by completing three end-to-end projects: a mobile app, a responsive website, and a cross-platform experience.

Top 10 UI Design Courses

6.Visual Elements of User Interface Design

This design-focused course investigates the broad subject of what an interface is and the role of a designer in its creation. Making interfaces perform clearly and effortlessly requires understanding how to design and convey meaning using colour, font, and imagery. You'll focus on the many distinct parts and components that make up an interface designer's talent through a series of lectures and visual activities. You'll be able to articulate the major formal aspects of clear, consistent, and intuitive UI design, as well as apply what you've learned to the design of a static screen-based interface, by the end of this course.


  • User Interface Design (UI Design) 
  • User Experience Design (UX Design) (UX)
  • Designing Graphics


Top 10 UI Design Courses

7.DESIGN RULES: Principles + Practices for Great UI Design-

This course will teach you how to create effective user interfaces for apps, websites, and systems.

What you'll learn

  •  Be able to design a user interface that is functional, usable, and visually appealing for any app, site, or system.
  • Recognize how to strike the right balance between form and function.
  • Recognize the important guidelines for designing for small screens and mobile devices.
  • Understand how to efficiently arrange and utilise visual data.
  • To establish visual order, understand and apply the notion of balance.
  • To build and reinforce comprehension, understand and apply the notion of Rhythm.
  • To shape different UI elements into a coherent, consistent experience, understand and use the idea of Harmony.
  • Understand and implement the dominance principle to guide user attention and improve UX.
  • To lead, you must understand and utilise the notion of alignment.

Top 10 UI Design Courses

8. Modern UI Development in Unity 4.6/5.0

Create a COMPLETE, UI-DRIVEN GAME with Unity 4.6 or the most recent version, Unity 5.0! Begin by studying the fundamentals of the new user interface system. Unity's new UI framework provides you with the flexibility and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience you need to get things done quickly. You'll apply what you've learned about the UI system to your game, delving even deeper into the system's sophisticated capabilities.

What you'll discover

  • Learn how to use Unity's UI system.
  • Create a full game that relies entirely on the UI for all of its visual elements.
  • Put all you've learned into practise in a real-life situation.
  • Learn to think like a user interface designer.

Top 10 UI Design Courses

9. UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

This course will cover all aspects of user experience, including design, content, and coding. And, because you'll be taught from the ground up, it doesn't matter how much experience you have when you begin.

You'll learn about principles and tactics, but more importantly, you'll learn how to put them into practise by developing three separate websites for three distinct audiences.

What you'll discover

  • A firm grasp on the principles and advantages of good UX, as well as how to apply them to your website
  • A plan for ensuring that you understand what consumers require from your website, as well as what you or your customer require in order to thrive.
  • The assurance that you'll know what content to add on your website and how to design it to maximise conversions.
  • The ability to use HTML, CSS, WordPress, and other tools to create a variety of websites

Top 10 UI Design Courses

10.User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UI UX Design:

This course will assist you in learning Adobe XD quickly and thoroughly. XD is an excellent design tool that industry professionals use to create high-quality and functioning mockups. You will be able to create practical and effective User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designs by the end of this course.

What you'll discover

  • Become a user experience designer.
  • Your XD Skills will allow you to begin earning money.
  • You'll be able to put UX designer on your resume.
  • Create a UX project from start to finish.
  • Become a user interface designer.
  • Create and test a complete mobile app.
  • Create and test a complete website design.
  • You'll have a personal project to add to your portfolio.

Top 10 UI Design Courses


Your role as a User Interface (UI) designer, whether you're a designer, developer, UXer, or a combination of all three, is to ensure that no component of someone's onscreen interaction occurs without clear intent. The user's motives, expectations, environment, and potential behaviours must all be reflected in the UI design decisions we make.

All of these factors are reflected in the User Interface, so what users see on the screen is usually the sum of their knowledge of what it is and how it operates. So, using the above-mentioned courses, you can work on this magic and perfect your skills.

Recommended Courses:

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