10 Best Tools to Host Webinars in 2022

In today’s world webinars are becoming increasingly popular and useful as well. Especially after the corona pandemic hits us, everything is gradually shifting online. We have become accustomed to online meetings, events and classes. They can be hosted from anywhere in the world, provided you have a good quality internet connection, and saves a lot of time and energy. Webinars are an incredible source to sell your products, to host engaging meetings and to teach your skills to a massive audience. Since webinars are hosted more often; therefore, it has become crucial to make these webinars more interesting and more interactive. There are enormous platforms which can be used to host webinars and each one has its own pros and cons. Choose the one which has the features that fits best according to your needs and goals. Some tools are even free and are actually handy.

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars in 2022

Let’s look at 10 most sought out tools to host webinars.

1. Livestorm

Do you prefer to work from home but also desire that your meetings and events should not look boring and lethargic and also want engagement from your clients? If this is the case then Livestorm is the solution to your problem.
A very engaging and interactive platform having all the useful characteristics like you can ask questions from your audience, share your presentations and files, answering the queries of the audience and the list goes on. You will not feel like you are only speaking to walls or the screen rather it gives a much better experience and is easy to use. 
Moreover, this platform provides its users with the facility of automatic email reminders for the clients, which is another perk of using Livestorm. Sign up for free and check whether this tool is helpful or not.

Check out the platform at: https://livestorm.co/

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

2. Webinar Jam

This is one of the most incredible tool out there for all who host online events have a large audience. This platform provides you the opportunity to connect with up to 5000 people at one time. Hold on, there is more, it also allows group presentations as well, for instance, up to six presenters can share present their views simultaneously. Webinar Jam also ensures good quality videos and audios so that the online sessions can run smoothly and easily. It is, no doubt, a highly interactive platform and also offers the service of email reminders for your audience which you need to set once and then it will continue to repeat accordingly.

Furthermore, it offers the service to run your presentation on autopilot too. For instance, if you want to show some recording or video of yours to your audience then you are welcome to do so. All you need to do is to upload that recording to the live room and then again go back live once the recording is over.

Click on the link to reach out the platform: https://home.webinarjam.com/index-1

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

3. Webinar Ninja

A highly developed platform for all type of users. It offers multiple options for the host like live, automated, hybrid and series. In live, the host goes live to his audience. Automated has the advantage of using a previously recorded video for the session. Hybrid allows both live as well as recorded as per the choice of the host and series offers the option to host several webinars on one topic. Also, the host can give his audience the attachments related to the webinar which can be downloaded during the meeting easily. Paid webinars can also be conducted as per the choice of the host.

Check out the platform at: https://webinarninja.com/

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

4. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans is a globally recognized platform to host great webinars, which are engaging and involve active participation from the audience. It can add up to 150,000 people at one go and 150 presenters are allowed to present simultaneously. To host or join any meeting on Blue Jeans the users need not to download it in their devices rather the meetings can be conducted or joined from any browser.

Moreover, the session can be streamed on Facebook and You Tube by the host as well.

Reach out the platform at: https://www.bluejeans.com/products/events/webina

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

5. Adobe Connect

Are you searching for a platform on which you can host and manage webinars easily? Guess what, you have found an interesting one to expand your virtual network through online events. Adobe Connect provides you the features by which you can engage with your audience and share your ideas clearly and without any hustle. You can ask questions from the attendees and can answer their queries to make the session interactive and impactful. The new users can try it for free till 30 days.

Check out the platform at: https://www.adobe.com/in/products/adobeconnect.html

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

6. Livestream

Connect with your audience on Livestream and make your business a success. It provides high quality video conferencing experience and can be attended by unlimited number of people. It is highly beneficial for people having large number of followers and who hosts any event for a massive audience.

Follow the link to reach the platform: https://livestream.com/

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

7. Zoom

Zoom is the name which is heard most often whenever we talk of online platforms to host a webinar. Zoom is a highly engaging tool and is even free for 40 minutes in which 100 participants are allowed to join the meeting. Online screen sharing, live chats, etc. are special features that are available on Zoom.

Check out the platform at: https://zoom.us/

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

8. Webex

Webex is also among the popular platforms to host a webinar. It is free for 50 minutes and only 100 participants can join the session. Yes, it is interactive and video conferencing experience is also good. The participants can ask questions, type messages in the chat box and can also share their screens.

Check out the platform at: https://www.webex.com/

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

9. Google Meet

Google meet is also a free tool to host webinars which is available globally. It has the features of sending messages, recording meetings and asking questions to make the session more engaging. One person at a time can share the screen and the host can keep a record of attendance as well. Google meet is an easy to use platform and is free which makes it preferable than others.

Click on the link to reach the website: https://meet.google.com/?pli=1    

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars

10. Demio

Demio is a great platform for online events. It offers the option to host a live session or recorded or both, i.e. you can host the meeting live and then upload your recording within the meeting and then again can go live. Its most spectacular feature is that along with public chats this platform also provides an option to chat privately to the event organizers.

Check out the platform at: https://www.demio.com/

10 Best Tools to Host Webinars


With the increasing trend of work from home since the pandemic has hit us, online events are gaining popularity much more than before. Therefore, businesses and industries organize events online much often and it is crucial for them to use a platform which is reliable and engaging. The platforms discussed above are among the top webinar hosting platforms which are used all over the world. Hence, you should definitely check them out to reach your audience virtually.


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