10 Best Online Courses to Learn Character Design in 2022

Its always the characters of a story that makes any work of art beautiful. Character Designing is an artistic skill in which an artist sketches a character on the basis of the characteristics and peculiar features of the character. To be more precise, it basically is an visual creation of the character to make a piece of writing more appealing to the audience. Characters are designed for animations, graphics, plays, stories, comics, cartoons, and so on. A character designer always do a deep analysis of the character before creating its visual impression as the design should show the important physical properties of the character which makes the character unique from others. Therefore, character designing is an arduous task and requires lot of practice and zeal to develop a fresh, new character from scratch. But with dedication and enthusiasm everything can be achieved; hence character designing can also be learned in a systematic manner in a very interesting and persuasive way.

Since, there are various courses available online; let’s discuss 10 best courses to learn character designing.

10 Best Courses to Learn Character Design in 2022

All the courses listed below are highest rated & well-liked by the learners & taken from popular online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc.

1. The Ultimate 2D Game Character Design & Animation Course on Udemy

This course is designed for game enthusiasts, who are interested in creating animations and graphics for online gaming apps. This course offers approximately 6 hours videos which are easily understandable by the learners and some reading material to help overcome any problem that come across beginners. Once purchased, it can be accessed for the whole life and after completion, certificate will also be provided at the end. This course ensures to make a professional designer out of you, provided you watch the videos with full attention and read all the material available on the platform.

Check out the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-ultimate-2d-game-character-design-animation-course/

best courses to learn Character design

2. Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing Course on Udemy

Are you interested in making characters for cartoons, stories and so on? If your answer is yes, then this platform is definitely for you. A very well designed course for amateur as well as intermediate learners to develop their drawings to an advanced level and that too professionally. Certificate of completion will also be provided to the ones who will purchase this course to broaden their knowledge on creating unique and interesting characters for games, comics, etc.

It comprises almost 27 hours videos and also profound readings to enhance the learning process.

Check out the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/character-art-school-complete-character-drawing/

best courses to learn Character design

3. Learning Character Development and Design on Linkedin

The visual representation of characters make the story more alive. The course on linkedin is available for all the pioneering learners who look for a platform to enhance their understanding related to creating and drawing a character which by its physical appearance, body figure, face, clothes, and over all look bring itself to life. Course completion certificate will also be provided at the end of the course which you can showcase in your professional work.

Open the link to reach the site: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/learning-character-development-and-design

best courses to learn Character design

4. Evan Cheng Character Designer on Linkedin

As is cleared from the name of the course, this course is taught by Evan Cheng, who is an art director of character design at Sesame Workshop. This course is for beginners and is also free for one month as a trial; therefore, you should definitely check it out without any further delay.

 Click on the link to reach the course: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/evan-cheng-character-designer

best courses to learn Character design

5. Character Design for Video Games on Coursera

This basic level platform on coursera will take about 10 hours to achieve all the primary skills required to design a character for video games. It is taught by experts who takes into account all the obstacles that come into the way to become a fabulous character designer for video games. Of course, a certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course.

Check out the course at: https://www.coursera.org/learn/game-character-design

best courses to learn Character design

6. Shape Based Character Design in Photoshop on Pluralsight

This platform give emphasis to shapes while designing a character to make it more robust and real. It talks about how the shapes influence the character and how this knowledge can be applied to design an amazing character. To access this course, Photoshop CS6, which is a software is mandatory. This course is for freshers and is of approximately 1.5 hours. Learners can take benefit of its 10 days free policy and afterwards monthly subscription will be required.

Check out the course at: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/shape-based-char-design-photoshop-880

best courses to learn Character design

7. An Immortal Design: Character Design Theory and Development on Pluralsight

As the world of video games and graphics is expanding enormously; therefore, there is huge competition among designers to make a design which makes their work the most sought-out and outstanding among others. This particular course will enable you to grasp the methods of designing a character that makes it look more close to life. This is an intermediary course of approximately 3.5 hours. The software you will need for this course is ZBrush.

Try it free for 10 days and then enroll yourself to dive deep into the field of character designing by developing your level in a well designed and constructed manner.

Visit the course by clicking on the link: https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/character-design-theory-development

best courses to learn Character design

8.  The Ultimate Character Drawing Course – Beginner to advanced on Udemy

The course is designed to make you accustomed with all the tools and techniques used in designing effective character designs for cartoons, story books and video games. This platform provides approximately 24 hours videos and also related readings. You need to purchase it once to have life time access. Certificate will also be given after finishing the course.

Click on the link to find the course: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-ultimate-character-design-school-beginner-to-advanced/

best courses to learn Character design

9. Character Design: A Complete Guide to Drawing 2D Characters on Udemy

This is an excellent platform to learn the whole ABC of character designing. Here, you will gain knowledge of steps required to sketch characters from thinking about them in mind to putting them on the sheet, and also various ways to sketch their faces, heads, expressions, shapes, sizes and all the necessary tips and tricks. With around 19 hours video lessons and reading material, this course sounds marvellous to pursue your learning journey.

Click on the link to find the course: https://www.udemy.com/course/character-design-course/

best courses to learn Character design

10.  Complete Guide to Realistic Character in Blender on Udemy

This course deciphers the detailed processes of drawing the character’s minute details of its body and facial expressions. It applies the sculpting tools of blender, so before purchasing this course make sure to learn some basics of blender. The level of this platform is intermediary and is perfect to enhance your skills in the field of character designing.

Check out the course at: https://www.udemy.com/course/realistic-character-creation-in-blender/

best courses to learn Character design


We all  know that the future jobs are based on skills; therefore, enhancing ones skills by taking courses online is the best way to save time and money. Character designing is one of the most growing field and is in demand; thus, taking these courses to master character designing will always prove beneficial to the professional lives of all who are buying these courses.


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