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Languages play a significant role in society. They are a source of connecting people having cultural differences, different opinions and countries. Out of all, English serves as the major language to interact with strangers and is also accepted as the second most used language in professional context. English is spoken internationally and is understood all over the world; therefore, it has become a necessity to have a profound knowledge of English to enable yourself to talk to anyone, anywhere on the globe. 

Although acquiring knowledge of English is a cumbersome process; there are various courses available online nowadays which have really made it interesting and easy to learn and grasp English.
Earlier, I have shared some Best NFT Courses with you, today I am here to present you with some courses to learn English.

10 Best Courses to learn English in 2022

All the courses listed below are best rated & well-liked by the learners & selected from the best online learning platform like Udemy, Coursera, etc. Let’s have a look at 10 best courses designed for English learners from basic to advanced level.

1. Udemy - English For Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course

This course on coursera is delivered by Tsinghua University, which is a renowned university in Asia. Highlights of the course are: tricks for effective communication, essential tips to read and write in English and basic rules of writing in formal texts.

Want to enhance your level of English, then Udemy is the place you should definitely begin with. It offers various courses for all major skills. Students from all over the globe take this course to begin their journey to become better speakers and graspers of English. Almost 16,000 students are learning from this course at present day. 

The whole course is of approximately 77 hours, which consists online videos where students can learn various nuanced and frequently used words of English, proverbs and idioms, and examples from practical life where these expressions can be applied.

To enroll in this course, not any kind of expertise in English is required; the only thing needed is a mobile with internet access or a laptop having high quality speakers. Moreover, enthusiasm to grasp everything that is being taught is must.

Find the course at: English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course | Udemy 

best courses to learn English

2. Learn English Specialization Course on Coursera

This is very effectively designed course which cover topics like: several methods to start a conversation when meeting strangers, conversation in personal context, proficient tips on how to write, read and speak in English and various other crucial skills.

Find the course at: Learn English | Coursera

best courses to learn English

3. English from John Academy: English Course- Beginner Level

This highly intensive course takes into account the basic level of English, which contains 6 modules. A marvellous course for beginners of English, and include topics like: pronunciation practice, alphabets in English, methods to greet and begin a conversation, and numerous other significant topics.

People from all fields can take up this course without having any experience in English. The course gives an elaborated explanation on verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, and various grammar topics. After completion of the course, you will be confident enough to speak fluently in English. Hence, this course can be a good choice to start your career in English from zero level.

Link for the said course is: English Course - Beginner Level – John Academy

best courses to learn English

4. Lingoda: Learn English Online and Speak Confidently in any Situation

Lingoda is a highly recommended platform to master English under the assistance of experts. This is a highly interactive platform where native speakers help language learners to achieve command in English. After enrolling in Lingoda, you will be given personal mentorship to upgrade your level of English on a daily basis by the speakers of English. Whether it is practice to pronounce difficult words, lexical expansion, skills to write and read in English, or English grammar – enrolling in online Lingoda course ensures the best approach to interact and be in touch with native speakers.

Link to this course is: Learn English Online with Native Teachers | Lingoda

best courses to learn English

5. Shaw Academy: Learn English Online

With an aim to bring competition among English speakers in professional context, this platform provides you with 8 profound lessons, games to expand the vocabulary and projects are also given weekly to accelerate the learning process. It deals with fundamental themes which are used in business world, like: skills to write an impeccable resume, English used while answering phone calls, techniques to write an impressive e-mail, etc. Therefore, it can be concluded that Shaw Academy is an incredible platform to build your confidence in using English publicly; and hence, you should definitely check this one out.

Link for the course is: Learn English Online | Free English Online Classes | Shaw Academy

best courses to learn English

6. British Council: English Courses for Adults

Do you feel hesitant while speaking in public or feel scared of interviews? If that is so, then English courses at British Council might help you to fight with your insecurities. This institution covers a wide variety of courses starting from everyday English, business English to IELTS training, and essential skills to write in English. With its highly developed teaching methods, efficient classes and resources to practice English; this council has emerged as a leading institution which has successfully trained over hundred million people.

Check out the course at: English courses for adults | British Council

best courses to learn English

7. Alison: Beginner English 109

With a team of experts to taught English and almost thirteen million people eager to acquire English proficiency, Alison, has a specific position as a English teaching industry. It provides certificates and diploma in English courses, which are taken by the learners online. Skills to write, read and speak accurately in English are developed here.

Link to the course: Beginner English 109 | Free Online Course | Alison

best courses to learn English

8. Udemy: Business Course in English for ESL Students

This highly popular course was started by Shayna Oliveria for people interested in learning professional English and wants to expand their vocabulary in English. This course is dedicated to persons who face difficulty in presenting their views in English in business meetings, at the time of interview, while applying for jobs, answering phone calls using English language, crafting e-mails, etc. This platform on Udemy help such people to widen their vocabulary for professional world and build a path to a successful speaking career in English for the enrolled ones.

Link to the course: Business English Course for ESL Students | Udemy

best courses to learn English

9. Learn English - Advanced English Grammar and Punctuation Specialization from Coursera

A highly diversified course available on coursera to bring your English to next level is presented by The University of California, Irvine.

The course pay more attention to advance topics of grammar, like, conditionals, clauses, punctuations, etc., which are highly applicable in the professional context.

Link to the course is: Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation | Coursera

best courses to learn English

10. Complete Course in English Grammar – Perfect Your English on Udemy

If you are searching for a course to develop full understanding of English, then you have found it. This English course was created by Kate Ochsner to provide English learners an advanced course where they can master their skills to write, learn nuanced words, read and develop understanding for the structures of grammar.

This course enhances the confidence to speak and write in English at an advanced level with a profound syntactical knowledge of English language.

Find the course at: The Complete English Grammar Course - Perfect Your English | Udemy

best courses to learn English


Hence, these were the ten most sought out courses to develop your English from fundamental to an advanced level. No doubt, the courses are best to start your English fluency journey but one thing that is crucial in this learning process is the zeal and desire to grow and progress with full enthusiasm and energy. 

Happy Learning!!

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