10 Best Online Platforms for Course Creators to Create and Sell their Courses

Today, everyone wants to build passive income and interestingly, many people are already earning money this way. Making courses online and selling them has become the hype of the decade. People are selling courses and it has also become the source of living for many. For instance, for some it is a part time work only, which they do to increase their income and out of their interest, but some also take it as their full time job.

 As each one has something to offer to the world; therefore, everyone should definitely try to sell their skills to teach their expertise to others, to build their own personal brand and of course, to earn money by selling them.

There are numerous platforms available on the internet on which you can create your own course, promote it and can sell it. These platforms also help in learning the skills necessary to create courses. Let’s look at 10 of them one by one.

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

1. Thinkific

Hey! Do you have a skill which you think is unique and can be a source of your income? If you do, then Thinkific is the platform where you can create your course and sell it right away. Thinkific is a highly customizable platform where you can manage your course according to your need. For instance, whether you wish to upload your whole course in one time or want to send it in parts. The time flexibility is totally in your hands. Also, this platform offers various modes of payment.  

You can begin with trying their one-month free option, which is available for new course creators on the platform and then can continue your journey by paying an affordable fees each month.

Check out the platform at: https://www.thinkific.com/ 

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

2. Teachable

Teachable is another most sought out platform for amateur creators as well as connoisseurs who are excited to make and sell their courses online. It is very handy and accessible. It includes various marketing methods which is an assistance in promoting and selling your course. 

 It is an interactive platform where you can help your students by creating quizzes, answering their queries, and so on. It has various plans for all, like: Pro plan which costs $ 99 a month, Business Plan with a monthly subscription of $249, Basic plan for $29 each month and you can also begin with free plan, which costs absolutely nothing. All these plans have their different features to help the creators with their courses. 

The most interesting fact about this platform is that it also has a teaching program for the creators who find themselves in a perplexion while finalizing the perfect topic in their niche. 

Check out the platform at: https://teachable.com/ 

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

3. Podia

It is a platform to satisfy all your needs; from creating your course to promoting and then finally selling it. You can even host webinars on Podia. You can sell e-books, PDFs, audiobooks as well. Also, it provides its users with the privilege to do affiliate marketing on this platform itself. 

Although it has monthly subscription policy but it offers a 14-day free trial to fresh users.

Reach out the platform at: https://www.podia.com/ 

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

4. Learnworlds

It is a platform which provides amazing opportunities to the creators where they can interact with their students. It provides highly engaging videos, PDFs, and other reading material for learners. Hence, start your journey by creating your course, market it and sell it online on learnworlds.  

Click on the link to reach out the website: https://www.learnworlds.com/ 

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

5. Kajabi

It is a platform for professionals who are willing to level-up their businesses by promoting it online. It is mostly for the sales and marketing people. You can learn how to market your course efficiently and exciting ways to sell it on this platform. It is a bit expensive but it provides information which is worth its cost.

Click on the link to check the platform: https://kajabi.com/

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

6. Ruzuku

If you are in search of a platform where you can learn all the basics for course creation, then Ruzuku is best to end your search. This platform is top- notch for the people who want to learn the processes of creating a course and then are willing to sell it. It provides e-books and other reading material to its learners. It provides very easy tips and tricks to create your course and is highly affordable.

Click on the link to check out the platform: https://www.ruzuku.com/

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

7. Udemy

Here comes the platform which is very popular these days and is trusted by many students; consequently has a wide audience who buy courses of each category. Therefore, it can be an incredible place to start your online selling experience. Udemy is accessible to everyone and anyone can try it for free and then, obviously, you will need a monthly subscription.  Although this platform provides better marketing opportunities; there is lot of competition here. As creators are very vast; therefore, not every course created by creators get that much recognition. 

Click on the link to reach out the website: https://www.udemy.com/ 

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

8. Skillshare

Skillshare also has a wide audience; therefore, is a good platform to sell your courses online. One thing to keep in mind before uploading your course on skillshare is that it gives preference to technical courses, like: coding, programming, data science, and so on. 

This is an interactive platform where teachers can interact with their students and can help them by clearing their doubts. 

Click on the link to reach out the website: https://www.skillshare.com/login

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

9. Linkedin Learning

It is an emerging platform for course creators, where creators can promote and sell their courses. All kind of audience is available on Linkedin an has a good market. Moreover, Linkedin courses are certificate based; therefore, people are inclined to buy courses on Linedin so that they can get a certificate after completing the course, which they can add to their CVs. It has monthly subscription as well as annual. You can choose what suits you the best and then can be a member of Linkedin community.

Check out the website at: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/ 

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators

 10. WizIQ

It is a platform where the course creators can take live online classes to reach out to their students. WizIQ an effective platform for the learners living in remote areas as it provides them with the advantage to interact with their instructors. Hence, if you are interested in teaching your course live to students from all over the globe, then you should definitely try it.

Click on the link to reach out the platform: https://www.wiziq.com/

10 Best Platforms for Course Creators


As we all are evidences of the growing online community and can see how everything is shifting in a virtual mode; thus, it is always beneficial to get accustomed with the new trends and traditions. It is the time when you can sell your skills anywhere in the world. The whole world is open to all; therefore, upgrade your skills, create your course and sell it online to earn a good amount of money. 

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