Is NordVPN Safe and Fast? 10 Reasons to choose NordVPN in 2022

Another powerhouse in the VPN industry, NordVPN is headquartered in Panama. Since its inception in 2012, the company has advanced considerably. In 2018, it oversaw 5,000 servers spread over 59 nations. Strong encryption, great speeds, and dependable connectivity have elevated NordVPN to a position of prominence around the world.

NordVPN is Safe and Fast? Reasons to choose NordVPN in 2022


Is NordVPN safe and fast?

A dependable and safe option for enhancing your internet security is NordVPN. You can feel secure when browsing the internet thanks to our strong encryption, quick connection speeds, intuitive design, and several additional security features. For streaming websites, NordVPN offers the ideal mix of security and speed. Access your preferred video, music, and other streaming services safely and without the irksome buffering screens.

10 Reasons to choose NordVPN

My team and I did several tests and observed a few points that make NordVPN totally worth it. So here we present 10 reasons for you to choose NordVPN.

1. Ultimate Security And Privacy

Panama is the location of NordVPN's headquarters, which, while not typically significant for most service providers, is vital for VPN services. As far as we know, Panama has no Internet monitoring legislation and no data retention regulations. As a result, NordVPN is not legally required to keep track of its users' online activities.

PGP keys are used by NordVPN when communicating with customers and protecting your account information to further secure your privacy. PGP keys, which are virtually impenetrable, can be used to encrypt communications between you and NordVPN.

2. Increase Your Security with Two VPNs

You should be aware of the fundamentals of VPNs by this point, so let's speak about Double VPN, a feature that NordVPN also offers. The second layer of security is essentially added when two VPN servers are connected.

Before reaching your chosen location, your computer or device connects to one VPN server first, which then connects to a second VPN server. This results in two modifications to your destination IP address and double encryption of your data.

3. Kill Switch Stops Privacy Breach

The Kill Switch is the solution if you're concerned about what can occur if your connection to a NordVPN server is lost. This function halts all of your Internet communications if a NordVPN server loses your connection.

Depending on the platform you're using, NordVPN's Kill Switch comes in two different versions. The mobile app version stops everything, whereas the Windows or Mac version lets you select which programs should stop interacting if something happens. This all helps to stop data leakage.

4. Connect Six Devices To Various Platforms

We can anticipate that the majority of us will only be utilizing a VPN on a few devices at once. ideally on two computers and one mobile device. Some individuals are obsessed with technology and own a computer, laptop, two smartphones, two tablets, and who knows how many other devices.

Everybody is catered for by NordVPN, which offers up to six concurrent connections per account. As a result, you may independently encrypt each of your devices and add your router to the mix for good measure. Since a variety of platform types are supported, whatever you have should work. Routers are the lone exception since they are more finicky.

5. Zero DNS Leaks

As always, making sure that your real IP is hidden is crucial while testing a VPN. This is in addition to installation and speed tests. After all, isn't that one of the main goals? You can do common tests at a site for DNS leaks. Simply compare your actual IP address to those listed on those two websites; if they don't match, you're good to go.

6. All Around Fast & Stable Speeds

While I did experience the typical increase in ping time as I traveled farther from my physical locations, overall speeds were still extremely excellent. I tested out five different geographic areas. My testing was performed on a 500 Mbps connection from which I often achieve throughput rates of over 450 Mbps.

Our expectations for NordVPN's performance in terms of speed have never been met. Speeds were typically high and there was little to no added latency while utilizing NordVPN in the five core regions I tested them for.

7. Over 5,000 Servers in 59 Different Countries

Without a doubt, NordVPN is one of the biggest VPN service providers available today, with more than 5,000 servers spread throughout 59 nations. There will inevitably be some places that perform worse than others in a network this large.

However, the majority of the core sections in key global locations were alright, as you can see from our earlier speed testing. There probably is a better option close by if you connect to a server that doesn't operate as you believe it should. Simply choose the option that best suits you.

8. Awesome Price Offers from NordVPN

After researching ExpressVPN, which has the lowest price of $6.67, I was astounded by NordVPN's $4.99 per month, 2-year contract offer. Both do not have a free VPN plan but The two are practically the same price at the same tiers for one-month to one-year durations, but NordVPN's 2-year subscription offers just incredible value for money.

Consider how it makes perfect consumer sense for them to provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and ridiculously low prices for longer-term agreements. About their one-year plan, the cost totals $83.88. Why not extend it for two years if you can top it off with just $12 more?

9. Payment Accepted with Cash and Cryptocurrencies

Even though I'm not particularly interested in paying for VPNs with checks, credit cards, or bank drafts, I'm impressed that NordVPN also accepts cash in some locations in addition to cryptocurrencies. You can pay with cash at Fry's Electronics or Micro Center if you reside in the US.

The business accepts three different cryptocurrencies: Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

10. Netflix Customer Support Is Updated

The problem with watching Netflix is that it seems to despise customers who try to get around regional content limitations by using VPNs. NordVPN is aware that the corporation tries to block VPN users and is continuously working to make it possible for its users to access Netflix content.

It even keeps up a whole website with instructions on how to access regional content. Remember to check that page if you discover that NordVPN is giving you trouble with Netflix because the instructions change from time to time.


Personally, I'm probably searching for the same things you are when choosing a VPN service: privacy, security, and speed. All these important categories are where NordVPN excels. Therefore, NordVPN is a fantastic option for oneself if one wants to browse the internet safely while having fun streaming.

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