Review - Is Podia's Free Plan Worth It in 2022?

Podia is one of the most significant and used sites known to create websites for products, pricing, and building course business. It's an all-in-one platform to sell online courses, webinars, digital downloads, and coaching. It has good marketing features and strategies like community, emails, coupons, and affiliate programs. 
As a creator-dominating platform, it is a good alternative to teachable, kajabi, and many more similar types of websites. The creator can choose the features they require on their website by selecting a particular plan available here.

Is the Free Plan of Podia worth it in 2022?

Podia provides a significant free plan especially if you are a beginner you might be looking for something that will cost zero to a minimum price with good features. So, here in this article, I’ll give you an overview of Podia’s free plan and whether it is even worth investing time and effort in.

What is Podia?

Is the Free Plan of Podia worth it in 2022?

Podia is an online course platform. It offers a collection of course creation tools that helps instructors create, market, and sell courses. Podia is the plural form of the word “podium”, a platform on which you can be seen and heard. Podia’s tools include course creation, a website builder, email marketing, e-commerce functionality, live chat, and more.

In podia, you can host and sell your downloads and memberships too. It’s a highly creator-first platform that helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives generate residual income.

Plans and Pricing

Podia offers excellent value for money. Compared to other similar platforms, podia not only comes in cheaper but also provides more reliable features and storage space. There are no hidden transaction costs- you pay what you see.

Podia makes pricing and plan options super simple for their online course customers. Podia straightforward offers three types of pricing structures, named the mover, shaker, and earthquake.

The mover plan is the cheaper option and includes support for online courses, digital downloads, webinars, and email marketing, catering to the creative who is starting their online content selling journey. The more expensive shaker plan adds memberships, affiliate marketing, and other features as well, the shaker plan is dedicated more to expanding an existing business.

As for the largest tier, the Earthquaker is for those who need to add teammates and need more assistance than the general customer service feature available for the other plans:
  • Mover: $33 per month
  • Shaker: $75 per month
  • Earthquaker: $166 per month

If you are still unsure about which plan best suits your needs, and when starting, there are a few things you need to build fast. And paying up front isn't always an option.
Here comes the free plan of podia.

Podia Free Plan

Podia has a free plan that can make it easier than ever to turn your creative knowledge into an online course or a business. Without paying up for it.

When you are starting a business for a client or yourself, there are a few things you need to build fast. And paying up front isn’t always an option. For the free plan, there is no credit card required which is comparable to a free trial.

Podia's free plan includes:
  • A free, fully customizable website that you can use for anything, with a simple and adaptable website builder.
  • A free community that you can make available to your audience or charge a fee to access.
  • The ability to sell a digital download or coaching/consultation product while also beginning to build your email list

If you don't already have a Podia account, you can set one up quickly and easily. This Plan includes all of the basic and necessary features for the course creator to get started. But eventually, for building up your business more, you’ll have to get a subscription as its free plan is only good for a trial. It's not the best choice to build the base for your business.

Pros and Cons of Podia


  • Elegant design
  • Onboarding is effortless.
  • Free movement to Podia (up to 2,000 customers)
  • Excellent customer service
  • Planned payments
  • With recurring subscriptions, you can also use Podia as a membership site.
  • Buy buttons that you can embed on your website
  • Course domains that are unique to you
  • Email marketing is built in, so you can email students when they reach certain milestones.
  • Affordable plans
  • There are no transaction fees (this is similar to Thinkific and others)


  • Some users may find the customization options insufficient.
  • Only higher-level plans include memberships and affiliate marketing.
  • The course builder does not support cloud import.
  • There is no mobile app for Podia.
  • The reporting tools are fairly simple.

Is Podia’s Free Plan worth it?

Podia’s Free plan can be a good option for you to get a good understanding of the website but it's not worth your efforts. Thought Professional or Paid Plan of Podia does have a better potential to help you with your business. The Free Plan does provide some great features to get started, it's perfect for beginners but not for professionals. 

Overall, Podia as a whole platform is a tool for users who do not require advanced features. If you're looking for a platform with more flexibility, you should look elsewhere. Podia is a great option if you want a simple course builder that is inexpensive and allows you to sell other digital products. Just keep in mind that a simple platform often makes it easier to begin selling. Advanced features can sometimes get in the way, but this is highly subjective and depends on your needs.

Podia lacks some of the customization options that its competitors offer. However, if you're just getting started, you may not require advanced features right away. As a result, you may end up paying for items that you do not need.

If you just want to get started and create a course that you can share with the world (while earning money), Podia is a great place to start.


Podia has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are discussed in this article, but the value of the advantages outweighs the disadvantages, and its Free Plan is not a bad option to consider if you want to get started with your business and just want a good overview of the site or industry. In short, it is suitable for beginners but not for those seeking to expand their business on a professional level.

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