10 Best Online Courses To Learn English Grammar In 2022

Grammar is significant because language is what enables us to discourse about language. Grammar identifies the categories of words and word groups that compose sentences in all languages, not only English. To speak English effectively and with ease, you must use proper grammar. By being aware of your grammar, you can prevent mistakes that cause native English speakers to find your English weird.

10 Best Courses To Learn English Grammar Online in 2022

English grammar plays a significant role in a few different contexts. For instance, the employer will be concerned with the caliber of your spoken and written English if you are attending a job interview in an English-speaking nation. The use of proper grammar will not only showcase your command of the language but also your diligence and attention to detail. You can start your journey of learning English grammar with the help of the following courses:

1. Grammar Boot Camp: Easy Lessons for Common Writing Mistakes(by Udemy):

This program will assist you with You'll be able to proofreading your own work and spot and fix punctuation and grammar mistakes. To put your new knowledge into practice, you will receive the free e-workbook "Just the Basics of English Grammar." You will be able to turn clumsy words into clear, forceful claims, grasp where punctuation should be, and write compact, unambiguous sentences. 

S.J. Lawrence, Ph.D. (Writing Professor), who has a 4.6 overall course rating and 1,642 ratings, is the instructor for this course.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/grammar-boot-camp/

Grammar Boot Camp: Easy Lessons for Common Writing Mistakes

2. English Grammar Launch: Upgrade your speaking and listening(by Udemy) :

You will gain a deeper understanding of the structure of English grammar, be able to speak English more confidently, better understand spoken English, and produce the target structures with assurance and accuracy by taking this course, which teaches English grammar through lectures, listening, and speaking exercises. 

Anthony Kelleher (Bachelor of Arts TESOL - English Teacher at Sir English), who has a 4.7 overall course rating and 52,254 ratings, is the instructor for this course.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-english-grammar-upgrade-your-speaking-and-listening/

English Grammar Launch: Upgrade your speaking and listening

3. English Grammar Launch Advanced: Upgrade your speaking(by Udemy) :

This course offers lectures for the target structures, speaking and listening exercises for each grammatical structure, future updates (this course will continue to expand), PDF transcripts, and MP3 downloads so that you may learn wherever you are and whenever you like. To help you grasp each target structure and accurately generate it in spoken English, each session concentrates on one, two, or three of them. 

You can thoroughly learn the target English thanks to this course's tremendous detail. This course is offered by Anthony Kelleher (Bachelor of Arts TESOL - English Teacher at Sir English), who has a 4.7 overall course rating and 52,254 ratings.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/english-grammar-launch-advanced/

English Grammar Launch Advanced: Upgrade your speaking

4. Learn English: The Next Gen Guide to English Grammar(by Udemy) :

This course will enable you to: Have stronger listening and reading abilities; Be more assured when speaking and writing in English; Understand, clarify, and utilize the proper grammatical forms whether speaking or writing; Like a natural English speaker, use grammar rules when speaking and writing.

This course can help you reach your goal of pushing your English to the next level if you want to speak English more clearly, sound more native-like, or just want to increase your proficiency. This course is created by Kevin Knight(Learning Technologist) with a 4.5-course rating and 3,924 reviews.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-next-gen-guide-to-english-grammar/#instructor-1

Learn English: The Next Gen Guide to English Grammar

5. English Grammar - Tenses and verb structures(by Udemy) :

This lesson uses visuals to make past, present, and future tenses easier to comprehend and remember. When and how to utilize verb tenses, their structures, differences, and linkages are discussed for the simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous verb forms. It is undoubtedly helpful, even if your goal is only to quickly and amusingly brush up on your grammar.

The tenses can be learned in a few hours, but you'll remember them for the rest of your life because of the graphic explanations. Additionally, you can use this course as a "first aid kit" and refer to it occasionally if you forget how to utilize or construct a certain tense. This course is designed by Bianka Molnar English Language Teacher(Entertaining English Education) with a 4.7 curse rating and 5,201 reviews.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/puzzle-of-the-english-tenses-visual-language-course/

English Grammar - Tenses and verb structures

6. English Grammar tenses & structures(by Udemy) :

This course will help you achieve an understanding of the relationship between the subject and the verb, Create English sentences that are perfect and comprehensive. Understand the many tenses used in English grammar. How to construct active and passive English sentences. Study the various instances of ( If clauses ).

Modal verbs and use examples. ongoing homework assignments and tests with answers. Separate audio files are also available for download. This course is offered by Ustazy Online courses experts(How to be professional in your learning journey) with a 4.4course rating and 6,892 reviews.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/english-grammar-course-tenses-structures/

English Grammar tenses & structures

7. Basic English Grammar And Structures(by Udemy) :

With the help of this course, You will finish all the grammar lessons and structures for levels A1 and A2 in this course. You will become familiar with English structures at the A1–A2 Elementary Level and how to use them grammatically in various contexts and examples. You will do exercises to review and reinforce the information you learned after each video lesson.

Do the exercises after watching the video. This course will enhance your communication skills and fluency in English. You will receive a certificate of completion for this course that you can use anywhere in the world after finishing it. This course is brought to you by Seçkin Esen and Akın Demir with a 4.6-course rating.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/basic-english-grammar-and-structures/

Basic English Grammar And Structures

8. English Grammar & Pronunciation: Talking About The Past(by Udemy) :

The grammar you need to communicate about the past is the emphasis of this lesson. You will learn the pronunciation, practice speaking, and review six crucial grammar elements. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in these grammar points. Students who wish to enhance their listening comprehension, speaking fluency, and English grammar should enroll in this course. 

Additionally, you will learn 6 English grammar rules for discussing the past. Your English pronunciation will get better. Your listening and speaking skills in English will get better. You'll be better able to communicate with and understand native English speakers. This course is taught by Luke Jones(Teacher & YouTuber) with a 4.5-course rating and 2,722 reviews.

Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/english-grammar-and-pronunciation-talking-about-the-past/

English Grammar & Pronunciation: Talking About The Past

9. Learn English: Beginning Grammar Specialization(by Coursera) :

For individuals who want to learn basic English grammar, this specialization is for you. You will master the foundational components of English grammar, such as word forms, verb tenses, and question and answer construction, through the three courses in this specialization so that you may get your English learning off to the correct start. After each lesson, students in each course will complete practice problems and exams using the grammar patterns they have just learned. 

Students will perform exercises to practice speaking and writing English at both the sentence and discourse levels. You will receive a Certificate once you have finished all of the courses and the practical project, which you can show to potential employers and people in your professional network. This course is offered by Rachel Fernandez and Karan Vallejo with a 4.9-course rating and 779 reviews.

Link: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/learn-english-beginning-grammar#instructors

Learn English: Beginning Grammar Specialization

10. Grammar and Punctuation(by Coursera) :

The first course in this specialization serves as a review of some writing tools. You can use it to get ready for the other courses. Writing is a skill, and practice is the key to mastering any skill. You will practice and discuss what you have learned after seeing brief video lectures in this course. Make careful to take thorough notes and ask questions throughout the peer conversations. When writing essays in the following course, you will be able to recall the rules you learned in this course. 

After finishing this course, you will be able to recognize the appropriate verb tenses to use, effectively use commas, make use of a variety of sentence structures, and write in English more efficiently. This course is designed by Tamy Chapman, Helen Nam, and Brad Gilpin with a 4.7-course rating and 18,104 reviews,

Link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/grammar-punctuation#instructors

Grammar and Punctuation


All the above-mentioned courses are well-crafted courses. if you are working as a freelancer or in a business then you definitely need to speak clearly and concisely and these courses will help you with that too. These courses teach you how to build English grammar sentences which are perfect in both structures and tenses, and take you to step by step to be able to differentiate between subject, verb, and object. Enroll in the courses and begin learning.

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