How to make your first $100 on upwork

Many of us are wondering how to generate money on Upwork as the gig economy and freelance work become more prominent. Upwork is one of the most prominent freelancing platforms in the world, and when a company wants to outsource a task or project, it's the first place they go to find skilled people who can help them in various industries with a task, or they can post the job openly and receive proposals from those professionals. Many people believe that earning money on Upwork is a difficult endeavor, but trust me when I say that it is not. 
By following the small steps that I have listed below, you can simply make $100 on Upwork as Upwork has possibilities for everyone from algorithm engineers to Zendesk specialists, and it caters to practically any form of work that can be done on a computer.

 How to make your first $100 on Upwork

Ways to make the first $100 on Upwork:

However, many people believe that making money on Upwork is difficult. So, here are some ways for earning $100 on Upwork:

1. Build a comprehensive — and truthful — profile.

For potential employers, your profile serves the same role as a general résumé. You won't be able to find work without one.
Fill in the work type you want to accomplish, as well as the exact skills you have and your level of proficiency. Because this is all self-reported information, be truthful. If you are hired for jobs that you are unable to complete, your account may be placed on hold or canceled.
Add a headshot and a detailed explanation of your background after that. Links to a portfolio or specific work examples can be included. Upwork will usually approve your profile within 24 hours if it is real and accurate. After that, you can start working.

2. Make contact with employers

Use your Connects to submit bids for work in your wheelhouse. Proposals should include an introductory letter, your desired fee, and responses to the client's questions. You are also welcome to offer examples of any work you believe is relevant.
Get a sense of the possible employer's reputation before applying for a job. Start your search with the Better Business Bureau, Glassdoor, and a Google search for news coverage of the company.

3. Decide on a price and get to work.

Upwork deducts a percentage of your earnings. The fee structure is a sliding scale depending on the total amount you bill with a client over time, thus the less the percentage takes, the more you work with a client. The following steps are expected from Upwork.
  • For the first $500 you bill a client, you get a 20% discount.
  • 10% for total billings between $500.01 and $10,000 with a client.
  • Total billings with a client that surpass $10,000 receive a 5% discount.
You have two options for payment: hourly or fixed pricing. On Upwork, the rates are the same for both.
The price before the service deduction is your hourly rate on Upwork. So, if you charge $20 per hour for your first gig, you should anticipate making $16 per hour after the 20% fee. After you've billed $500 for that client, the charge reduces to 10%, and you'll be paid $18 per hour.
The same principle applies when negotiating a rate for a fixed-price job: if you're paid $400 for a job, you'll be paid $320 after the 20% cut. The cost reduces to 10% after you've billed $500 to that client.

4. Be connected:

Clients should seek you out in the end, but you must first be activated. Regularly, you should assess the newly advertised chances on Upwork. When you see a position that matches your skillset, use your Connects to submit a bid. Regularly submitting proposals and being active on Upwork will increase your chances of getting mentioned in search results. Keep your focus on the client and their issue at all times.

5. Concentrate on the customer:

Clients are seeking freelancers who can assist them in solving a problem they can't handle on their own, and they want to know how you can do it. Keep your focus on the client and their issue at all times. Explain how you will benefit the client. Instead of focusing on yourself, make your profile, proposals, and communications about others.

6. Exhibit professionalism:

Your first impression should be professional and polished.
  • When a consumer searches for you on Upwork, they will see three things: your profile photo, title, and a brief synopsis.
  • A high-resolution headshot of you dressed professionally, centered, and smiling should be your profile photo.
  • While the title section may appear simple, these few words can have a significant impact on whether or not a customer chooses you for the job. Make sure your title accurately reflects the services you offer as well as your level of expertise. Be creative to make yourself stand out.
  • Only the first two or three sentences of your overview appear in search results. You must use the first few sentences to grab the reader's attention, highlight your skills, and attract them to continue reading your profile.

7. Develop client ties

Don't conceive of a client project as a one-time deal when you begin it. Try to build a long-term relationship with your current and prior clients to get repeat business. You may either provide more of the same for the client or recommend a new service that would be beneficial to them. If you're a freelance writer who publishes blog entries for clients, you may offer to write press releases, create whitepapers and case studies, or update website content.
Another benefit of building a relationship with your clients is that they may be able to help you find new leads. After completing a project, you might ask for a testimonial or a suggestion from other businesses that could need your services.

8. Be patient and persistent.

Your first client probably was the most difficult to land; now all you have to do is duplicate your success to land additional jobs. It takes time to build a successful independent business. Be patient, positive, and hardworking to gain more clients.


Persistence is crucial in the realm of work outsourcing platforms. It will take some time and some luck for your Upwork gig to take off. You can, however, accelerate the process by working hard. Once you start receiving favorable comments, things will become a lot easier.
You've learned how to make money on Upwork. Put your skills to work and start building your freelance career today.

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